Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day ~ 2016

On Labor Day, we were invited over to our friends', the Fernandez Family, home.  We were fed well. Our associate Pastor prepared racks of ribs, that had been slow roasting since 5 a.m.. The meat was literally just falling off.  It was scrumptious. Everyone brought a dessert or a small something to share.  The kids swam and swam and swam.  The dads and moms chatted away.  It truly looked like a middle school dance: the guys were on the right side of the pool and the moms were on the left side of the pool.  LOL! 
Eventually, a game of "watermelon ball" began!  
Then, the kids did a little dancing off of the diving board!
And... eventually, an arm wrestling fight ALMOST broke out!!! #scaredies
It's always nice to get together with your family in Christ. We are always thankful for friends opening up their homes. I keep saying I need to do this more often myself. Eeeek! Just the thoughts of hosting an event like that overwhelms me. Haha. BUT, I promise the desire is there.

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