Saturday, July 18, 2015

Small Group Pool Fun!

This is our "small group" or at least that's what it's called.  We might have started out "small", but we are LARGE now.  We consist of 6 families, 12 adults, and 14 kids, and counting.  YES, we have one family BRAVE enough to conceive baby #4.  We gather every other Friday, at either the Williams or Bolling home (and occasionally the Fernandez's home) to discuss the sermon from the week before.  We are blessed to have childcare (although we pay so well, you'd be crazy to pass it up). The first 45 minutes we enjoy each other's company and just catch up, which is so nice. Afterwards, we dissect Pastor Nick's sermon. 
Getting together in the Summer can sometimes be tricky. Last night, we decided to meet together and enjoy our neighborhood pool. I called the ice cream truck and asked if it would come around 6:45 pm, so everyone could enjoy a sweet treat.  
The kids swam and ate ice cream, even the smallest of our group, Aliza!
Little Olivia hung out with us too (she is Vivian, Kate, and Hank's cousin).
Usually Aaron is popular amongst the kids, but Aliza is NOT yet a fan! LOL!
I see a hiney!
I love how ALL of the DADS take on different kids, not just their own!!! Darren throws Caleb in the water.
Zach throws Lilah in the water.
Aaron throws Lilah in the water.
The kids also enjoyed some chicken fights.
Presley swimming.
The "totem pole fail", as I call it.  Aaron does this often, when we gather in the Summer.  He tries to see how many people he can fit on top of him.
Hank was ALSO not a fan of his daddy during this time!
This was a game the girls played.  I am not sure why we let them, haha.  It's a tad unsafe.
Jody offered to buy a watermelon so the guys could play watermelon football.  Afterwards, you are supposed to eat it! It was a really rough game.  Too many competitive men/boys. The game ended after Zach got pounded in the head when the watermelon was tossed.

Sweet Co! Jax had a double, middle ear infections, so he was NOT supposed to go in the water.
Aliza was obsessed with these goggles.
Being a family means you are a part of something wonderful.  It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. #blessed
Last night was a blast and I cherish these moments. I really do! To see every photo I captured, double click on the Picasa Web Album below.

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  1. These pictures are GREAT!!! I'm so glad you always capture these things :) Thanks for hosting and inviting us! Love yall!


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