Friday, September 9, 2016


My youngest, aka "the baby", lost his first, front tooth finally.  Last week, while playing a wild game of playstation, it fell out after he hit his loose tooth with the remote (on accident).  Owie! The tooth fairy was NOT prepared for this to be the day, but praise God he had some time to hustle to the store, haha, during football practice.  He was a really kind tooth fairy!  After all, the front tooth is a pretty big deal.  Jax had been begging for some new wrestling men, so he brought him this awesome bucket of goodies (which included not one, BUT TWO new wrestlers) . . . 
He left him a receipt for his tooth, but then decided...
Losing his front tooth was such a big deal that he would let him keep this ONE tooth! "Tooth Fairy Hairy" is so kind!
The packaged included 15 WWF wrestling trading cards.
Jax's favorite sour skittles.
Mentos gum!
Seamus and Fandango PLUS a $20.00 bill.  Wow!!!
Now we know what Jax can ask Santa for, for Christmas! This will be a cheap Christmas.  LOL!

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