Thursday, August 11, 2016

Middle School Lunch Box!

So, Ty starts middle school in 13 days.  I have come to the realization that so much is about to change.  I wish I could insert the crying, not laughing, emoji here.  Long gone are the days where cute, Potterybarn book bags and matching lunch boxes are being ordered.  And I guess it's safe to say, long gone are the days that cutting up Ty's fruit in heart shapes and coordinating the shape of his sandwiches, to match each holiday, are cool.  Boo!!! At least I can still do it for the twins.  

I have been looking for a "cool" lunch box that is both practical and useful.  I don't prefer a simple brown bag out of fear that the food will not stay fresh OR worse, the brown bag would rip open.   I have checked EVERY store imaginable: Lands End, Potterybarn Teen, Amazon, Gap, LL Bean, Zulily, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc. etc. etc, you name it, and I have been to either the store itself OR their website, every time I was left EMPTY handed. Trying to find the perfect lunch box for a middle schooler has NOT been easy.
While at Sam's Club, on Monday, I spotted this AZ Pro Lunch Pack.  They had four color combinations, two for boys and two for girls.  I bought the grey/orange combo, on Monday, which by the way, must have been the MOST popular because I bought the last one.  On Wednesday, I went back for something I forgot and I decided to grab the LAST boy lunch pack set that remained.  SO, Ty is getting the blue/green combo and Jax is getting the grey/orange combo.  Allow me to share this great find:

The colors that this lunch box came in were the following: grey/orange trim, blue/green trim, purple/pink trim, and teal/yellow trim.  Lilah already chose an adorable lunch box, from Justice, so I didn't purchase one of these for her. I believe the cost is $14.96, but I MIGHT BE wrong.
Each AZ Pro lunch box includes the following:
A sandwich container
A fruit container
A water bottle (650 ml)
An ice pack
A strap
This lunch box can be carried 5 different ways!
I am super excited about the fact that this lunch pack can be held flat (below).  Often times, when I get a little creative with my kids lunches, the lunch gets ALL MESSED up as soon as they hold their lunch boxes the traditional way...NOT ANYMORE!
It can also be held the traditional way!
The lunch pack includes a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, which can be clipped onto the lunch box either horizontally or vertically.
I also think this lunch pack is very handsome, not to mention extremely sturdy.  
The water bottle is held in place by a mesh pocket.  The interior also contains a mesh pocket.  
All of the food containers are color coordinated.
The ice pack is considered a "high performance" ice pack, which lasts longer than ice.
The interior has super foam insulation, ultra safe easy clean lining, and therma-flect interior radiant barrier.
It has a dual compartment as well.
The dimensions of this lunch pack are 8" x 5" x 10.25".  

Shew! That is A LOT to write about a silly lunch box, but this momma wants to make sure her first born is not just READY for middle school, but stylin' at middle school.  Hehe.    

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