Monday, August 15, 2016

Hugs & Fishes ~ Father's Day!

Oh my goodness, does the title of this post prove how FAR BEHIND I am on blogging?  Let's just say that Father's Day June is NOT as far back as my "blogging back log" goes.  Sigh... Oh well, I'll just call that "blogging security". Let me interrupt your day to bring you the cutest post about the most amazing father/husband we know. We celebrated him this year, on Father's Day, using the theme "Hugs and Fishes!" Darren has picked up a few new hobbies that he is attempting: hand guns and fishing.  Haha. Who is this man?  So, we decided to shower him with HUGS and ALL THINGS fishing related. I sure wish he ate candy during this theme.  I would have used hugs hershey kisses and Swedish fish.
The kids and I went shopping and personally picked out some things we thought he'd LOVE to have. I had it all displayed on our kitchen table so when he woke up he would be greeted by it all.
We bought him his very OWN fishing pole.
Along with a basket of goodies: Lenny & Larry's Cookies, Buff Bake Protein Spread, Gulp Bait, a Yeti Rambler, Whiskey, Peanuts, Venison Jerkey, Fishing Line, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Weights and more...
We also purchased Darren a SHARK bottle opener.  We have it displayed in our beach condo.  
Jax picked out a nice Ugly Stick fishing bag.  
We also got Darren a big fishing net and inside of the net the kids placed their personal greeting cards, to their daddy, inside!
We thought getting him some Obama toilet paper and prank poop, for our neighborhood pool, would be funny. Darren is ALL ABOUT practical jokes!
Darren read his cards with the kids.  
The kids were so proud to show their daddy what they said in their cards to him or what they made for him. Jax had been drawing him artwork, specifically for Father's Day, for several weeks.
I joined the family at the pool and it felt so good watching this hardworking man relax.  He deserves it.
Then we did our traditional, father's day GOOFY pic.  This year, the way the sun was shining and the glare from my camera's lens, sorta messed the end result up, but it's still OUR original idea and yearly tradition.  
Lilah snuck up on Darren and surprised him with a "cup" that she insisted we buy him.  #bestdadever.
I loved this shot!!!
I think it's safe to say, he LOVED it.
Then... Lilah played waitress with Darren and served him.  
She presented him with EXACTLY what he ordered.  LOL!!!! We made him homemade meatballs and marinara sauce + ziti noodles.
He was thankful and happy.
After dinner, he ended his evening JUST THE WAY he so desired. The boys watched the NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cavaliers.  It was a sad night when the Warriors lost.
Warriors Game in Hyperlaspe mode!  Their father/son mannerisms are almost identical.  So funny.

A special shout out was given to my pops (below).  He may not be like "Susie's" dad, but he is the ONLY dad I have.  The one the Lord has given to me and I will love him the best way I can. No matter what life throws his way, he is always making everyone laugh. I pray he always keeps his sense of humor.  
Another Father's Day celebration success.  Darren gave it "two thumbs up!"

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