Monday, July 18, 2016

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 7

On Day 7, we chose to enjoy our last day on the sand and in the ocean. Lilah brought her Fin Fun Mermaid tail with her (along with the matching bathing suit) so we could capture a cute photo.  I joked and said, "I found the most beautiful ocean mermaid today!"
The beach guests were in awe and many who walked by said, "That is simply adorable!"
While Liley posed like a mermaid, the boys played football.  It's what boys do!
They also rode waves.
After Lilah was done being a mermaid, she turned into a cheerleader.  LOL!
Who catches seashells!
Then she rode on Tyson the Whale!
Back to football.  
My man is such a hunk! LOVE HIM and his sexy body!
We had a 4:30 p.m. reservation for the Pirates Voyage Dinner Show.  
We did this show back in 2003.  We don't go every year because it won't stay special and exciting.  Waiting three years, to go back again, really created much anticipation. AND... we reminisced a lot about our first experience.  I couldn't believe everything they recalled.  
FIRST, you watch a Pirates PRE-SHOW! Check out the ceiling (below). So cool!
You can get your face painted, purchased some pirate costumes, drinks, popcorn, etc.  Then, you sit back, sing along, and watch some a fun pre-show filled with juggling and some small acrobats.  
The pre-show lasts about 45 minutes.  THEN... off to the SHOW room! My kids were so excited and I SO LOVE this photo. 
We were granted "Team Crimson!" aka RED.
We purchased preferred seating tickets, which is the first, second, third, or fourth row seats.  #bestseatsinthehouse
Our waiter began serving us IMMEDIATELY!  The dinner decor is NOT overly fancy, but the feast was very delicious. 
Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup
Buccaneer Bread
Half O'Roasted Cackler aka Chicken
Captain BBQ Pork
Cob O'Buttery
Pirate Herb-basted Potato
Apple O'Me Eye Pie
The show is ACTION packed.  There is never a dull moment.  We got to see acrobats, mermaids, seals, fire acts, and a few times in the show, audience members were chosen to be a part of the show, which is always FUN!
After the show, we went back to Broadway At The Beach and Tanger outlets.  Our ENTIRE family got a starbucks!!! #firsttimemoments.
Stay tuned, in the next post, for some video footage from the interactive, competitive dinner show.  

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