Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Bucket of Fun ~ 2016!!

The last day of school arrived and we had two celebrations to document.  SUMMER and GRADUATION! I started a tradition, last year, of blessing our kids with a sidewalk chalk message and a bucket of Summer goodies, so I figured I would do the same this year.
Last year, I made each of them ONE, but this year, I felt like ONE bucket was plenty. 
I was excited for my kids to get off of the bus, especially since it would be Ty's LAST time getting off of his elementary school bus. NORMALLY, the twins run full speed, but on the last day of school everyone walked?!?!?! I attempted to record them getting off the bus, but my video is boring, so I am not going to share it. LOL! I did it in slow motion, so it's EXTRA slow. 
They looked so serious, sad, and tired.  We had had a few LATE NIGHT basebal games (the week before) and a eventful weekend, so I think they were wiped out.  NO real excitement coming from their faces, that school was out for the Summer.  I don't think it sunk in just yet.
Jax just being a typical boy!
Here are many of the items that I placed in the Summer bucket of fun!
1. Aqua Saucer (Five Below)
2. Water Guns (Food Lion)
3. Anchor Hat (Target)
4. Donut Tube (Five Below)
5. Window Gels (Jo Ann Fabrics)
6. Emoji Kick Ball (Five Below)
7. Sidewalk Paint Chalk (Target)
8. Watermelon Cushion (Five Below)
9. Buncho Balloons (Target)
I also purchased the kids a new devotional book called "Jesus Today", by Sarah Young. 
More water guns...
Lilah received her FIRST piece of fairy accessories.  We had future plans to do a gnome home/fairy garden, which we've already completed.  
Bubble wands!
I think they perked up quite a bit! The first thing we did to celebrate was put up our inflatable waterslide, in the backyard!!!
Goodbye first and fifth grade!!!! We now have second and sixth graders!!!

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