Thursday, June 16, 2016

You Are Fabuloso AND Kind!!!

Back in February, Darren, okay, I swept Darren off of his feet for his birthday.  We went to Charlotte and had a fantastic 2.5 days ALONE! Whoohoo. It was glorious. My girlfriends Ashely, Gretchen, and Jody each took one of our children so we didn't have to pay out the wazoo for childcare.  We are, JUST NOW, finally getting around to saying thank you to each of them. I came up with a practical, small, and useful gift idea.  It was simply just a small token of our appreciation for taking care of our rugrats.  

I have been searching for an excuse to purchase a few extra Vietnamese brooms for someone.  If you have never tried one before, you MUST go buy one. It's simply the best broom ever.  I came up with a short riddle/poem/message and gave my friends some of my favorite items: Fabuloso, KIND bars, and a Vietnamese brooms.  

Here's how the riddle, rhyme, or poem went:
"Thank you for letting my hubby SWEEP me off my feet.You are FABULOSO and KIND!"
There are a few days of heartache and frustration associated with these brooms, but once you get all of the loose dust OUT of the broom's bristles (by shaking it for a good 10 minutes) you will LOVE IT and you will NEVER go back to another broom again.  
If there is someone that you would like to thank in a simple, but creative way, and you like this idea, I have created a blank printable JUST FOR YOU... right here. Enjoy!

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