Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Recital Gifts!

Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.  That's what everyone gives and receives after a dance recital, but my 7 year old daughter isn't going to take care of them properly and THEY DIE! Years ago, I asked my husband to stop buying me flowers.  They are so expensive and they DIE! I would much rather enjoy a lasting plant or a sentimental gift, such as a Willow Tree Figurine, which I collect.  

So what in the world do you give a dancer if you don't give them flowers?!?!? I don't know.  That was my dilemma and is my dilemma every single time recital time rolls around.  There was NOTHING on pinterest that excited me, so I decided to let my brain juices flow and this is what I came up with.  

First up, backstage gifts.  I started a tradition with Lilah a while back.  Sitting back stage can be torturous for the younger crew, so I would pack her a bag of things to do and HERSHEY KISSES.  I tell her those are all the kisses, and more, that I am giving her as she is on stage dancing.  The hershey kisses keep her occupied and energetic.  This year, I added jolly ranchers to the mix.  I purchased TWO beautiful, small, PINK mason jars and filled them to the brim with both candy selections. I was TICKLED PINK when I spotted these wine bottle tutu's at Francesca's.  I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!! I think the entire presentation turned out adorable.  Lilah shared both candies with her dance team.
The night before Lilah's dance recital, Lilah said, "Mommy, if I do well tomorrow, can I please go buy some EOS lip balm with my own money?"  I said, "We will see!"  I planned on just getting Lilah fresh flowers the morning of the recital, even though I was truly against it.  I did purchase a sweet "L" necklace at Francesca's, but figured the flowers were needed because it's what "EVERYONE" does. When I woke up the morning of the recital, my brain juices were running wild and all of the sudden I had this brilliant idea.  

"I know!!! I know what I'll do.  I will run to Walgreens and purchase the last of their wooden roses, that Lilah got at Valentines Day.  
I will break off the rose and hot glue every color EOS lip balm in place of the rose!"  
So that's what I did.  After assembling them, I checked pinterest and guess what?!?!? NO ONE HAS thought of this idea or at least posted on it.  I was so excited to have an original idea.
Hot glueing the EOS lip balm onto the stem was NOT as easy as I had anticipated.  The top of the stem is the size of a nail head.  WHOOPS! I had to create a "base" for the EOS to sit on.  I just used a cutout, square piece of paper plate and LOADS of hot glue.  
 Wait a good 10 minutes for the hot glue to adhere fully.  
Lilah received a 1/2 dozen EOS roses.  Hehe.  
I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out. When Tyson handed them to Lilah after the recital was over, she exclaimed, "I seriously have the best parents E-V-E-R!!!"

Here is the sweet "L" necklace that Lilah ALSO received.  

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