Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Weekend 2016

We had a really wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We didn't make any elaborate plans although, commercials, IG and Facebook posts may make you feel like you are abnormal if you are just cleaning your home or doing nothing noteworthy, but you aren't, you are perfectly normal. We filled our weekend with Jesus, family, friends, rest, completed tasks, and great food.  Our friends Nathan and Erin invited our entire small group over on Sunday, after Church.  Each family brought a dish or three and we enjoyed food, friendship, and watermelon fun.  LOL!  I only captured the watermelon event.  Brett and Jody brought a watermelon and a bag of rubber bands.  YES, rubber bands.  What would one do with a watermelon and a bag of rubber bands?  Well... I am so glad you asked because I captured it all.  First, begin using your giant bag of rubber bands to wrap around the watermelon. 
All of the kids helped Pastor Brett, but eventually only Ty and him were strong enough to do it FAST and quickly.  
 Those that didn't help wrap the watermelon made other plans with the rubber bands.  Like making goofy faces.  LOL!
Now why were we doing this? Well, because we didn't have a pool to play watermelon pool ball.  
Okay, that's not the real reason, but it was a good one.  Brett said that eventually, the pressure from the rubber bands, wrapped around the watermelon, would force the watermelon to bust.  
 It was raining and cold and the spectators were getting a little impatient.  
 But Brett and Ty worked hard.
 Jax and Cohen snuggled under a beach towel.  Hehe.
 Some of the wimpy daddy's stood under the garage "awning" and chatted/laughed.
 Lilah and Ansley bundled under a beach towel.  
 Then Julia joined them.
Then, Kate.
Finally, Vivian to complete the BIG girls.  These girls have been friends since they were babies.  
 Still working...
 Presely and Aliza hung out in the warm "club" house, kiddie club house.  
 Julia and Mason (brother and sister) sharing a beach towel.  
 Still working, but they eventually ran out of rubber bands and the watermelon wasn't budging. SO... plan A, turned into Plan B.
Watermelon baseball!!!!
 That certainly is ONE way to break open a watermelon!
BIG KIDS like to ride outdoor toys too! LOL! Oh my funny hubby.
Thank you Nathan and Erin for hosting such a fun event! To see ALL of the photos, double click on the photo album below.  If you are trying to view this album from a cell phone, it will not appear on your screen.  

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