Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heart String Art

Oh...the time of year that I sorta dread...AUCTION time at Fort Lewis Elementary School.  I don't know why I dread it.  I guess I don't really consider myself artistic, so having to come up with an art project seems foreign to me.  As room parent, I am responsible to design a project that the 5th graders can help with and turn in to be auctioned off.  This is ONE of the completed projects. It's called "Heart String Art". I LOVE IT! I am working on ONE more though and I think it will for sure top this one.  
The directions are simple: using a 12x12 piece of wood and a print out of a heart of your liking, hammer nails all the way around the heart. Remove paper.  Then, measure about 1" along the entire board.  Draw a square, lightly, with a pencil, and hammer the nails over your penciled square.  You could pre-drill holes if you are having a hard time hammering the nails into the board.  
 I chose to use the colors royal blue and yellow because those are the school colors.
Isn't it just perfect?
Ms. Harlow asked the kids to sign the board. It's not exactly the place I would have desired for them to sign, but I guess it does make sense for their autographs to be visible.  
Be on the look out for an additional, auction project that I am working on.  It's definitely a ton of fun and insanely unique. Give this simple project a try! It would be perfect for a little girl's room. ALL the money raised, at the auction, go to the school!!!

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