Saturday, December 26, 2015

American Doll Hospital Experience

Exactly 40 weeks ago, Sadie got a hold of Lilah's ONE and only (at the time) American Girl Doll, Isabelle.  Before we were able to find where she was hiding, she managed to chew on Isabelle's hand and really cause some major damage. I'll admit...this was the FIRST time I was regretful that we got a puppy. I had NO idea that damage to dolls could be repaired, but someone informed me about the American Girl Doll Hospital experience.  Although very expensive, I was so happy that her hand could be repaired.  
Grandnee offered to pay for the repairs (this particular repair cost $45).  A BIG thank you to Grandnee for her kind gift! We filled out the necessary paperwork, gave Isabelle one last kiss, and boxed her up.  

The company, AG, is so awesome, they even informed us when Isabelle was admitted into the hospital received.
On the HARDEST week of MY life (or at least what felt like the hardest week) and probably Lilah's TOO, we received Isabelle BACK, in perfect shape!
It arrived in a gorgeous, WHITE box, with a bandaid sticker on the outside of it!
Lilah was very excited to see what was inside.
She was very carefully opened the box!
Tada! A flawless American Girl Doll arrived!!!
How beautiful! She left "nude" and arrived home in a cute, little hospital gown!
...A hospital bracelet.
AND my favorite part...a new hairstyle...A new hairstyle!
...Hospital socks!
She received a certificate of good health!
 Lilah immediately started tending to her, just like a mommy would and should.
The doctor even ordered extra TLC for TWO WEEKS!
And finally...she got a "Get Well Soon" card.
I cannot say ENOUGH about this company.  They are totally TOP NOTCH.  They take having a doll to the next level for SURE! Again, THANK YOU Grandnee for making Lilah and Isabelle ALL better.


  1. I had heard about the hospital, but never knew anyone to send their doll there. Thank you for sharing the cute photos. She looks great!


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