Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fifth Grade Ballroom Dance!

This was something I HIGHLY anticipated for the FIFTH grade year! I was able to watch Ty's 5th grade friends do it last year and I was counting down the days ever since for Ty to do it.  FLES hires a professional dance instructor, to teach the entire 5th grade class, how to ballroom dance.  They practiced for a couple weeks.  I think two or three to be exact.  The night arrived for the actual performance.  I cannot wait for you to see the pictures and actual videos of the dances.

Ty jumped in a few photos that were being taken, before the performance started.  This photo is not exhaustive of ALL of the 5th grade boys, but I did think it turned out cute.
 Some of the 5th grade girls photo bombed the next photo.  Too cute!
I cannot get over how incredibly handsome Ty is here.  Ty's partner Kayleigh purchased her dress first, so we made sure to color coordinate with her attire.
Walking in to perform!
Ready, set,...
He was ALL smiles!
Dance 1 complete.
 I snapped a few photos of some of his classmates dancing too.  Here is Brendan Magruder.
 Kaiden Waldron.
Jay Roberts.
Tristan Dillman.
Mr. Smiley with Kayleigh.  These photos just melt my heart.  This is his FIRST dance, but certainly NOT the last.
 Taking a bow.
The 1st video, below, is 6 minutes LONG, but it's WELL worth watching every bit of it!

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