Saturday, December 26, 2015

Miss Mona's Fall Recital 2015

Lilah had her Fall recital on December 8th. Any extra time I have had has been devoted to Christmas traditions and Christmas shopping, so this is the first opportunity I have had to post about it. The Fall recital is always held at a local, Salem elementary school and the lighting is always poor, so capturing good photos is difficult. Before her debut, I took several photos backstage.  She wasn't really into it, so I stopped with 2 pictures.
 Lilah's Tap 1 dance crew!
Kylie goes to our church! I thought she was looking mighty festive and since her daddy works the show, I figured I would capture a photo or two for him!
 If only EMMA was our elf on the shelf! Cutie pie!
 There's my little ballerina tap dancer about to perform.
 Annie goes to our church!!! This was her first dance recital. She did so great!
 Paris is another friend!
 Eden used to be in Liley's dance class, but now she's in a different class.  We still enjoy watching her dance.  
Alex sang and danced in several "acts".  He also goes to our church.
 Our favorite dancer aside from our little girl...EMMA!
 This was the funniest act!! Alvin and the Chipmunks.
 There were SO MANY cute pictures of Annie, I couldn't help but post them ALL!
Oh how I wish this was a better quality photo.  On instagram, it came out BEAUTIFUL!!! This photo was taken with my iPhone, so...
 After the recital, we took several family shots! They came out so GOOD!
 They challenge me, but life is FULL and COMPLETE with them!
I will post several videos that I took during the recital shortly.  I decided with Lilah's dance, it was more beneficial to have video footage than blurry, distorted photos.  
Darren picked out a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but typically we try to give Lilah something that will last, that she can look back on, in future years, and say, "I got this for my Fall dance 2015 recital!" So...she also received an "I love you" locket. We have yet to put pictures in it, but daddy of course received ALL of the credit.  

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