Monday, December 21, 2015

Adult Coloring Books!

My top, 2015 gift of the year, to give out, has been the adult coloring books.  I stumbled upon them months ago, when the kids and I went to Michael's. Ty chose one as his "craft".  I bumped into them again, at Barnes and Noble, as I was Christmas shopping, and fell in love with them even more after discovering that they offered SCRIPTURE, adult coloring books.  I immediately knew I would want to purchase these for my small group girls, along with a set of gel pens. Eventually, it was a no brainer...I decided to purchase them as part of my children's teachers' Christmas gifts.  
The first scripture, adult coloring book I found was called, "Be Still!"  Each page has a beautifully illustration, a contemplative quote, a beloved hymn, or scripture.  
We live in such a hectic world- but what waits for us inside these covers is a way to quiet the noise, express creativity, and spend some sweet time with God.  
I wasn't sold on the prices at Barnes and Nobles, so I came home and not only price compared, on Amazon, (which by the way they are considerably cheaper) but I read MOUNDS of reviews.  Eventually, I learned about a new scripture coloring book, called "Whatever is Lovely", which was about to release, on December 15th to be exact.  So I also ordered 6 of these as well and allowed the girls in my small group to pick the one they loved best.  They ALL chose "Whatever is Lovely".
The reason they chose this adult book over "Be Still" is because they love how almost every page includes a passage that goes along with the page they are coloring.
I wrapped it up realllllly pretty and put a set of 15 gel pens into a metal tin, from the Dollar Tree.
I fell in love with this gift so much, that I had to give it again, only this time I chose the beautiful "Animal Kingdom" coloring book, by Millie Marotta. These went to Mrs. Thomsen, Mrs. Harlow, and Mrs. Clifford.
I spotted a STEAL on gen pens ONE day and bought the last (3) sets of 18.  I got 54 gel pens for $10.00.  
I have to admit, the Animal Kingdom book TRUMPS the illustrations of the "Whatever Is Lovely" book, but I had to buy myself the "Whatever is Lovely" simply because of the encouraging words that accompany each page.
Above and below: These are my two FAVORITE pages.
Again, I wrapped it up really pretty! I tied the teachers' gel pens onto the front of the package.
I cannot wait to start coloring!

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