Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Glenvar Biddy Bulldog Bowl Game

We spent our Sunday afternoon at the Bowl Game for Jax's team.  It was a great season and the boys learned so much.  Their skills improved tremendously over the season.  They had wonderful coaches who were encouraging and very passionate about the sport.  Enjoy some of my favorite photos I took that day.  You could ALSO double click on the Picasa web album below to view ALL 171 of them. HAHA.  Each football player AND cheerleader were personally introduced by the announcer.  Jax ran proudly and Lilah ran with a slight amount of embarrassment.  
Lilah's cheer squad was also a there to cheer the biddy's on.  They did a few dances at half time as well.  Lilah is truly a fan of cheering and I definitely see cheering in her future, even if it is just middle school and high school.  I am thankful for her coaches as well.  They were so sweet to the girls on this day, passing out a single carnation to each of them.  I will post the dances after this post (later today).  
Check out that tackle from JAX.
The cheerleaders made a personalized banner for their bulldogs. They held it up, waiting for the football players to run through it, for the longest time.  By the time the football players were ready, the cheerleaders weren't.  LOL!
They held it for SOOOOOO long, but then it started to tear.
Cam on the tackle.
"Go Glenvar, Go!"
Another great tackle by JAX and Ranger.
Half time show.  The girls dropped Lilian.  Hehe.
Oh to be a fly on their cheer bow.  LOL!
Coach Zach giving the boys a pep talk at halftime. 
Two of the most handsome boys on the team.
After the game, we went to Katie's Ice Cream Parlor to celebrate and to pass some time before the awards ceremony.  
You can tell the sugar is setting in, in this photo.  
Back on to the field for awards.  Cohen is feeling like their team is #1.
Running onto the filed to receive his metal.
The boys were so excited.  
Jax sporting his metal and his sweatshirt that daddy bought for him.  Jax was so excited that his name is on the back of his sweatshirt and even made a reference to the fact that the team mom, Ashely Harris, was also on the back of the t-sirt.  Hehe.  
After awards, these kids were goofing around and I couldn't help but post this pic.  ADORABLE.  LOVE the genuine smiles.
You can also enjoy this short 30 second flipagram.

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  1. These are GREAT!!!!! I love the one of Jax and the boys looking at their medals, priceless! And the one of the boys on the ground together, these will be cherished and hopefully brought back out 10 years from now to compare. Tell Lilah the cheerleaders did so good! PS I laughed to learn I was on the back of the shirt, that's just funny. Thank you again for getting these awesome pictures. you are a great team photographer :):):):) And cohen has watched that flipagram on repeat.


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