Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miss Mona's Halloween Party (2015)

Lilah's ballet class was permitted to have a quick celebration, dressing up in their costumes, and enjoy a little snack before dancing their little hearts out.  I snapped a few photos, just to capture the moment.  Each mommy signed up to bring something.  Lilah seemed thrilled to be there and celebrate with her dance friends.  
Ms. Sandi dressed up too!
Lillian was a red panda!
Ava was Elsa.
Ayanna was a cute kitty!
Claire was Elsa and Ava was Cinderella. Clearly the princesses never get old.  LOL!
Liley chose to wear her candy buttons costume!
How many Halloween celebrations does one have to have to check it off their list?  HA! I think each of my kids had 5.

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