Monday, September 14, 2015

Glenvar Youth Boosters Night (2015)

It's the most anticipated night for players, coaches, parents and fans!!!! The Glenvar High School football team shares their glory with the Glenvar Youth athletes.  During halftime, the youth football, soccer, cheerleading, and flag football players/coaches are invited and introduced to run the field, in front of their fans, from one end of the stadium to the next.  It's the little athletes' BIG highlight.  It's also ALWAYS so hard to capture on camera, but enjoy what I was able to capture.  
The game was on September 12th.  Glenvar was playing against Cave Spring (our alma mater).  A weird team combination for Darren and I.  Who would we cheer for? Hehe.  As you can see, from the above photo, we chose Glenvar (duh). The football players walked onto the field carrying our USA flag representing and showing honor to the victims of 9-11.
The cheerleaders were ready for the players to run the field.
Glenvar played a remarkable game against Cave Spring.  We were there to support our children, but we also went to cheer on John-John (#78) and Ty's teacher's son Zack Clifford.
PRIOR to running the field, with less than 2 minutes to spare, Lilah came to me, in TEARS because her FIRST loose tooth fell out, in her mouth.  She was all by herself and a little scared, but once I made a BIG deal about it and told her she was okay, she calmed down.
At half time, all of the youth athletes ran the field.  There's Liley with part of her cheer team.

Coach Zach with his team: Jax and Co bear!
Coach Darren and Coach Nick with their team.  Can you spot Ty and Gabe?
The entire group of youth athletes for Glenvar!
During the 3rd quarter, the youth cheerleaders were invited to cheer, in front of the crowd, with the high school cheerleaders.  It was so exciting and cute to witness. Lilah and Ansley were able to stand together.  This was PERFECT for photos.
Lilah was NOT scared at all.
Ansley was all smiles.
Coach Clifford, not so much! I don't know why though because his team was not only winning, but was also DOMINATING! Final score 28 to 6. Maybe he was mad at the referees.  
Enjoy a short flipagram and a few videos of the night!

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