Monday, September 14, 2015

Glenvar Highlanders Vs. Salem Spartans

Last week, the Glenvar Highlanders (Ty's team) played the Salem Spartans.  I was UNABLE to focus on photographing the game because my hubby the head coach made me videograph the game.  The final score was 34-0. Yahoo! Way to go Highlanders.  

These girls came, as fans, to support the Glenvar Highlanders!  They all have brothers on the team!!!

Ty's jersey is NORMALLY #7, but he switched his jersey to #1 this year. He thought it was going to be Michael Vick's #, but Vick chose #2 instead after being traded to the Steelers.
 Gabriella is a sweet friend from church.  She cheers for the Highlanders!
 Mahre is able to cheer for her brother's team! Her brother is #42 (Jackson Swanson).
Ty calling a play!
Ty plays QB (quarterback) and Cornerback.  He is also the team's current field goal kicker!  During this game, Ty made 2/4 field goals.  I was so proud of the way he played!!! Below are the very few photos I captured.
Come out tonight, September 14th, @ 7:00 pm, to watch the Glenvar Highlanders play the Glenvar Bulldogs!

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