Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Virginia Tech Vs. Furman

Football, football, football! Geez.  If you aren't a football fan then our last few blog posts are certainly putting you to sleep! Haha.  After a full Saturday of football, we took the kids to the second VA Tech game of the year.  We played a team that doesn't generate an over populated crowd, so we feel a little more comfortable bringing the kids.  I always LOVE pulling up to the gorgeous campus and stadium.  
We had 3 minutes to tailgate.  LOL!  The boys threw a football back and forth and then off we went.
Go Hokies!
Our walk to the game is always enjoyable because we can share with our kids which building our classes were in etc.
I think the stands filled up a little more than this, but when we arrived to the stadium this is what I saw!
Lilah and Jax walked to the stadium discussing what their signs, that they made, said! I love how involved and excited they were to go!
VA Tech Cheerleaders!
I spy Coach Beamer.
My twin hokies! I wonder if they will both want to go to Va Tech?
"VT This is our home!"
Blue lips from a Bahama Snow Cone, but the weather was getting chilly too!
Finally, there are the football players. LOL! That is why we came to this game right?
Chicken head.
Chicken Leg!
I do LOVE when our team scores because we get to hear a real cannon go off.
The noise sound LOUDER than the size of the cannon.  
We had a great time.  Tech WON!

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