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Lilah's FIRST Day of 1st Grade!

Lilah Ann Bolling's FIRST Day of 1st Grade!
Oh my little girl is growing up too fast! When I looked at the back-to-school pictures I took, I said to Darren, "Man O' Day, look at how big she's gotten!" His response..."I think it might be the way you dress her."  LOL! No daddy, she's growing up! Lilah was very pumped about the first day of school.  Everyone was asked to sleep in their own beds the night before school started.  This was a hard something to swallow because there has been a ton of musical beds going on this Summer. When I woke Lilah up, she was bright eyed and bushy tailed aka ready to go! 
Lilah's first day of 1st grade, according to her, was great. The start of her day was smooth sailing. After school, I could tell she was exhausted.  Praise GOD Mrs. Thomsen did NOT give any homework, other than to "Memorize [their] lunch number."  Her agenda was slightly different from last year's...
                                                         6:15 am Rise and Get Dressed
                                                         6:30 am Breakfast/Family Devotional by Daddy
                                                         6:45 am Brush Teeth/Hair
                                                         7:00 am Load Book Bag W/ Lunch Box
                                                         7:05 am Walk To Bus Stop
                                                         7:06 am Get On Bus
                                                         7:35 am Arrive School
                                                         7:50 am School Starts
                                                         2:15 pm School Ends
                                                         2:40 pm Bus Drops Her Off
                                                         2:45 pm Unload Bookbags/Snack/Homework
                                                         6:00 pm Cheerleading
                                                         8:00 pm Dinner (EEEEEEKKKKK)
                                                         8:45 pm Bath
                                                         9:15 pm Prayers and Lights Out!
It gives me heart palpitations that my children are currently eating dinner 3 hours passed our normal dinner time.  It also saddens me that they are in bed so late.  There is really NOTHING I can do about it.  It's a crazy season of life and it will get better come late October. 
I fell in love with Lilah's outfit as soon as I laid eyes on it.  I actually custom ordered an outfit, from a very talented seamstress, with mix and match fabrics and loads of cute details, but I couldn't get my mind off of how cute this outfit would look on her.  The shorts romper, believe it or not, came from Carter's.  I spotted it on our July trip to Myrtle Beach.  It's adorable alone, but I knew immediately that Cheetah/Tortoise Shell/Leopard accents would make it that much cuter.  Originally, I also thought I would have her wear boots with it, but the cheetah shoes AND her hair tied everything together, so perfectly.
And speaking of her hair...Lilah and I, together, decided on an ADORABLE, side, bow, ponytail.  I have been practicing with new hairstyles this Summer because I am tired of the standard ponytail, pigtails, and braids.  I practiced this bow-tail several times so that the morning of it wouldn't be a challenge to complete, before the bus arrived.  I'm so in love with this look and now that I know how to do it, it really is simple.
Lilah's shoes were certainly something that I wish were made in my size.  Classy, yet trendy, June T-Strap, leopard print shoes.
I also loved the jewelry that I picked up for her.  I purchased ALL of her attire from different stores, but it all went so well together!
Between the outfit, the hair, the shoes, and the accessories (belt, necklace, and bracelet) she was ready to head off to 1st grade.
Off to the bus stop she goes!!!
 Growing up before my very own eyes!
This year, I allowed Lilah to express her interests and loves by picking out her own book bag, lunch box, and matching water bottle.  It killed me, but I think she did pretty good actually.  She chose this ombre, sequined, "L" matching set from, of all places, JUSTICE!
Lilah enjoyed her first day of school! Last year, I wrote about some of her highlights/comments, but this time, I didn't get a TON out of her!  As the week progresses, I am trying to remember some things that she has been sharing with me, but so far she hasn't said anything funny or worth noting, really! 
I'm interested in seeing how 1st grade grows/changes Lilah! My biggest hope is that she is kind to EVERYONE and that she will serve/obey her teachers rightly. I'm not concerned about her academically.  She is a great reader and a bright little girl, WHEN she's willing to apply herself! This is NOT the end of 1st grade news!!! I'll be back...
I took a TON of pictures.  If you are interested in seeing MORE, you can use click on the Picasa Web Album below.  If you are viewing this post from a cell phone or tablet, the online photo album will NOT be available to you.

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  1. Beautiful girl :) I'd wear that entire outfit! I hope she has a great year in the 1st grade!


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