Friday, August 21, 2015

Back-To-School Night! 2015-2016

Last night was #backtoschoolnight at Fort Lewis Elementary School.  My twins were so excited, I could tell, Lilah, especially. She's "Miss Social Butterfly".  Ty did NOT go! He had football practice.  
I cannot believe these two are already 1st graders. YES, they are in the same class (per my request).
We started with the twin's class first.
There they are!! Each of them unloaded their supplies and allowed me to snap a picture at their desk. I cannot believe how big they look here.
I am THRILLED that both of them got Mrs. Thomsen.  Mrs. Thomsen was Ty's 1st and 2nd grade teacher.  I think the sun rises and sets around her.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.  BUMMER.... Lilah's eyes are closed.  Ugh! I didn't realize that when I took the picture.  
Here's their 1st grade schedule!
And... the list of who will be in their class!  One stinky thing is that ONE of these students has a peanut allergy.  So... NO PEANUT products this year, in the classroom.  Double ugh! They can eat peanut butter in the lunch room though.
Encore Schedule!
Then off to Mrs. Harlow's class aka 5th grade.  Since Ty wasn't there, Lilah enjoyed pretending she was a fifth grader.
Class schedule!
I snapped photos, for TY, so he could see whose desks are joined to his.
Lilah poses with Mrs. Harlow, since Ty was NOT there to!!!!
GOOD NEWS: The 5th grade teachers don't believe in homework!! They said, "You will have the rest of your life to do homework, so we will do MOST ALL work in school! Including class projects because we do not want mom or dad to do your project!!!"
Ms. Harlow's class list.
We love Fort Lewis Elementary School and anticipate a great year. The kids recieved a new PE teacher, both the guidance counselor and the art teacher have a new last name because BOTH were married over the Summer.  Ms. Dixon will be married in less than ONE WEEK, so her name will change too!! School starts Monday!!! It's always a bitter-sweet time for me. I like feeling productive and that's hard to do with kids home full time, but regardless of how hectic it can be having them home, I will miss them!

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  1. They look so big! Just like 1st graders :) yay for back to school! I hope they have a great year :)


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