Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Dough-Nut Ever Think We'd Forget About You"

"Because... We Love You a hole-latte!!!!"
So, I woke up in a small panic on the first day of school! I thought I had three roses with hidden, diamond earrings, but I only had two.  I needed three gifts: two teacher gifts and one bus driver gift.  I felt TERRIBLE not giving the bus driver a gift first thing in the morning.  AND...I really didn't want to spend my first day of being productive, running around trying to come up with something she would enjoy (that's hard when you really only say hello and goodbye to someone).  I was passing Krispy Kreme and decided to get her a dozen donuts and a gift card, but then I thought, "Who needs 12 donuts?"  I inquired about wanting 6, but KK said that they would still put them in the box that one dozen doughnuts go in.  Ewe! That wouldn't make for a very nice presentation.  I am SO thankful that the clerk shared the above tin box with me. The box comes with 6 doughnuts, no extra charge.  How? Not sure, but I wasn't going to argue. 
I picked out 6 yummy doughnuts.  The cake batter and brownie batter doughnuts had a 20 cent upcharge. No worries.  I can handle that, hehe.  I believe the total was $7.52 for the doughnuts and tin. The doughnuts sorta melted in my car. :( But I am SURE they tasted great.
I wanted to personalize it, OF COURSE.  I had to run into Michaels anyway, so I just kept my eyes peeled for something that would make it more special.  BINGO! I found a wooden school bus for .49 cents.  I came home and hot glued it onto the top of the box.
I also purchased Ms. Robin a $5.00 gift card, to KK, for a future doughnut need or better yet COFFEE! I asked for an empty coffee cup with a lid.  If you are an avid follower of bollingwith5, then you know what that empty cup is for!!! I wanted the cup to store the gift card in.  It's ALL about presentation people.  But something was STILL missing.... I drove home trying to come up with catchy phrases or riddles.  Once I created that, it was time to make a little label/printable.  

I only had literally 15 minutes to make a label, so the label itself is NOT overly adorable, but it's STILL a perfect way to personalize the gift. Our label is personalized, but I also created an unpersonalized label for you. Click here! Please do send me a comment, below, if you use the label.  I love to know that others find my ideas great for their needs too.

The label fit perfectly inside the cup.  I was happy it was visible for her to see/read upon opening the lid.  The label read:
"Ms. Robin,Dough-nut ever thing we'd forget about you Because...We Love You a hole-latte!" 
 I hope you catch all of the doughnuty words: dough-nut, hole, and sweet!!!
I absolutely cannot believe I was able to pull this off at the last minute.  I get so tickled at things like this.  
Dough-Nut delay! Get your children's bus driver a batch of Krispy Kremes!!!!

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