Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#BACKTOSCHOOL Minion Care Package!

Our sweet friend, Cohen, has been homeschooled, by his mommy, all of his life.  TODAY, a big change took place. It was his FIRST day of public, but really private school.  I made this minion printable, to go along with his #backtoschool MINION gift pack that we made for him. Sing it to the tune of the Despicable Me song, "I'm having a bad, bad day!"  
Most of the items were all about MINIONS, but I did sneak a few school supplies in there too.
The little care package contained minion twinkies, minion colored gushers, minion bandaids, minion balloons, a football notebook, a football folder, "C" posted notes, and a retractable eraser + brush! Ash~ I wound up finding TWO more minion items that I bought him: minion crayons and minion markers.  I was so mad I did NOT include that with it.  They were the FIRST items I bought and stashed them away, but obviously FORGOT!!!! I'll either give them to Cohen or use them for Jax's back-to-school care package.  :)
 I'd be happy to share this label with you, without the personalization, IF you need it for someone (just ask:)

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  1. BEST EVER! He loved it! He even packed his boys doddle book and the football notebook today in his book bag to take to school :) Thank you for always thinking of us. We love you :)


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