Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apache Pier!

It's one of our favorite places to visit.  It's within walking distance of our condo OR we can drive less than .2 tenths of a mile to park and park with ease... the Apache Pier!  We love exploring ocean life, from above the ocean, far from harm.  AND being we know nothing about fishing and don't really care to learn, lol, it's a great way to watch/enjoy seeing fish get caught without spending countless hours, in the hot sun, or spending money pretending we know what we're doing.  Haha!  To some it's a hobby, for us, it's just a quick, fun moment at the beach.
We saw some great and scary things from/on the pier.  Within 5 minutes of being on the pier someone caught a sting ray!
But eventually, they had to put it back! Watch out for their tail.  It can kill ya!
We spotted a very daring canoer.  Lilah has been concerned about him since. Almost daily she asks, "I wonder if that canoe guy is okay and made it back to the sand!"  I do too considering there were SHARKS in the water.
"SHARKS!!!!"  -It's what everyone screams when they see one, even on the pier.
I had to capture this fisherman.  Check out that hairy body! I like my man ONLY clean shaved, so this guy kinda skeeved me out.
The entire time we were on the pier, we spotted (2) 6' shark.
 Another fisherman caught a flounder.  The kids asked to "pet" it.  Ewe!
On the way out, I looked below and found a man using a metal detector.  This is something you rarely see anymore.
#truth (sorta... I loath sand, but as long as it's ONLY between my toes, I agree).  
We probably could afford a small lesson on how to use a fishing pole, you know, in the event we are stranded on an island, from a boat wreckage, and our fishing poles just happened to remain with us.  We'd like to eat while waiting to be rescued.  Hehe.
We spent a good hour on the pier.  Darren and I could have stayed another hour just waiting for bigger catches, but the kids were getting hot and needed a cold beverage.
Later, we joke... when Darren caught this little guy.  He said, "Listen up ladies, if your man don't know how to fish, then you got yourself a girlfriend!"
Darren made a small, slow-mo video for his catch-of-the-day! Don't might miss it! Hehe.

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