Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Last Day Of School!

The last day of school, I snapped a few photos of my soon-to-be 5th grader and 1st grade twins!  I think the year has flown by. The twins adjusted very well to Kindergarten.  They learned a ton.  They are reading above average for their age.  They made many new friends and really love both their teachers, Ms. Dixon, and their teacher's assistant, Ms. Roberts.  The last day of school Lilah came home and within minutes said, "I miss Ms. Dixon already!"  First grade will definitely grow my twins immensely.  I am already slowly preparing them.  I tell them often how 1st grade is the real deal.
How appropriate that Liley wore a shirt that said, "Don't Grow Up!" on the last day of Kindergarten.  
Ty had a superb year.  Both of his teachers seemed to really enjoy having him in their class.  Ty also really enjoyed his teachers this year. He always cherished the times he had Mrs. Rottkamp's mother-in-law, as a substitute teacher.  He would always say, "She's the most interesting teacher I've ever had.  I could listen to her all day!" I am really proud of Tyson for taking on his school workload, entirely by himself, and being involved both in school and out of school with extra circular activities.  This was the hardest year at Fort Lewis Elementary School, academic wise.  The workload was just intense and TY still managed to receive straight A's every 9 weeks.  
Enjoy the first and last day of school photos.  The comparison hasn't proven much change, do you think? The only MAJOR change is that Tyson finally got his TWO front teeth. From oldest to youngest.
Darren made certain to end the kids last day of school the same way he did many days throughout the school year... by serenading them.  Haha.  He sang the song, "The last day of school, is the best day of school."  The boys did NOT budge. Lilah did slightly.

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