Wednesday, June 10, 2015

School's Out For SUMMER! (2015)

The end of the school year is always so bitter-sweet for me.  As a mommy, I desire to spend time with my children and enjoy these precious years, but I am a realist and I am honest... I am just a better mom when I have a break. I am not referring to the type of breaks that you may be thinking of, such as strolling the mall or just lounging around the house in silence, after all, I can't recall the last time I did either, but rather those types of breaks that allow you uninterrupted time to get your responsibilities done, the kinds where you serve your home and your family while they are not home. Moms wear many hats, so going from 8 hours a day, without children, to NO HOURS a day ALONE, is hard to transition into it. It's like a chain smoker going cold turkey. The shock is painful. LOL! Either way, it's reality.  School is out for the Summer.  We are learning a new routine and by the time we are adjusted and enjoying it, the school year will be back in session.  But, we tried to start the Summer off right, by ending the school year in a fun fashion.  How did we celebrate the last day of school?
As you can see from above, I drew the words S-U-M-M-E-R, in ROY. G. BIV colors, on our driveway and I placed three colorful buckets above it. I had been collecting items for our kids' "Summer Buckets Of Fun".  I had never done this, for them, before, but I thought about the idea while shopping for teacher gifts.  It's basically like an easter basket, but instead each bucket is filled with fun Summer items.  Lilah's is below.  
Ty's bucket!
Jax's bucket.
I had been waiting for 10 minutes, patiently, for the bus to arrive.  I guess being it was the last day of school, Ms. Robin, our bus driver, was taking a little longer, as she said goodbye to each student.  Before the bus arrived, an entourage of fifth grade girls and a straggling, little brother came running down to our house.  
I won't deny it... I was thinking and hoping that this entourage was not heading towards our home.  I wanted to enjoy this moment alone with my children, but as they got closer and closer, I realized they were heading for our home?????
I learned later that Lilah was crying on the bus because every single one of those girls would be moving up to the middle school, next year, and saying goodbye, for Lilah, was hard! It was hard for ALL of them.  Apparently, they were ALL crying. So, since the BIG girls left "crying Lilah" on the bus, they chose to run down to our house and give Lilah ONE last hug. Very sweet!
Every year, since Ty has been at Fort Lewis Elementary School, I have recorded him running off of the bus. It's a special tradition. This year, I was excited because Lilah and Jax would also be running off of the bus. Because of the entourage, I was unable to capture their last bus ride, of the 2014-2015 school year, the way I always do. Boooooo! AND I didn't even get to capture Jax AT ALL. Double boo! "School's out for the SUMMER!" Bus 91 dropped them off, and honked her way to the next bus stop. The kids arrived home to not only the entourage of graduating 5th graders, but also to an over-sized sidewalk chalk note and "summer fun buckets". Watch the craziness below.
Ty was thrilled.
Jax was playing it cool.
Lilah was still crying, but smiling as well.
And how sweet that she got 5 more hugs!
I think this is a special moment and I am settled on the fact that it trumped my plans for the last day of school tradition.  Lilah couldn't have been happier. #bigsisterenvy It's crazy how "popular" Lilah was with the 5th graders.  Haha. They all just kept saying how cute she is and how they give her hugs every day, at school.
Later, we spotted the girls' celebrating their last day of 5th grade, by partying.  One of the girls' mom's rented a limousine. Lilah was able to take a cruise in it! This was a cool moment for Liley.
I have attached some photos of the items that the kids' received, in their summer buckets, BUT to view all of the items, double click on the Picasa Web Album below.  
A New Float
Towel Clips
A Misting Fan.
A Captain American Frisbee.
A Bug Watch.
Water Guns.
A Surf Hopper: a ball that bounces on top of the water.
Silly String.
New 18" Sidewalk Chalk.
The kids have been using their Summer stuff NON-stop. Double click on the Picasa Album to view all of the other items.  If you are viewing this post from your phone, the web album will NOT be visible.

NOW... we are prepared for S-U-M-M-E-R to begin!

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