Thursday, June 11, 2015

End-Of-The-Year Teacher Gifts!!! (2015)

The end of the year teacher gifts were so colorful, fun, and unique!!! I had limited time to put a ton of effort into gifts and I feel awful about it, but all I have to do is blink and it's Fall when I thought it was Summer.  My point...the end of the year really snuck up on me. Believe it or NOT, I spotted these darling water bottles, at the Dollar Tree, months ago. I wasn't sure who I'd give them to, but I knew the gift wouldn't end there.  I knew I wanted to monogram them. So I did. What started out as a plain, but cute water bottle, eventually turned monogrammed and even cuter.
The first gift was a gift picked out for Ty's fourth grade, homeroom teacher, Mrs. Rottkamp.
I designed an apple print, that spoke about the meaning behind an apple. #thanksalexandani.
I wrapped it up the gift in cute black/white polka dot paper.
What was inside?
Ooooooh, an Alex and Ani bracelet, OR TWO!
Mrs. Rottkamp received the "Apple Of Abundance" and an initial "J", Alex and Ani bracelet.  
I wound up finding some coordinating orange items, to go along with the water bottle, and gave the orange set to Mrs. Rottkamp, in addition to the Alex and Ani bangles.
Who doesn't like anything monogrammed?
Sweet orange extra gum!
An orange ice pack!
And finally, a few chocolate truffles from Chocolate Paper.
Next up, Ms. Dixon. She just recently got engaged and her NEW last name will begin with an "L", so I went ahead and personalized her bottle with her NEW last name. It will probably be the first item she owns with an "L" on it.
I hope she appreciated that detail!
A lime ice pack.
Spearmint extra gum!
Chocolate truffles from Chocolate Paper.
Ms. Dixon's gift was wrapped the same, but each of their notes were personal and different.
The "Apple Of Abundance" charm is so perfect for any teacher.
Miss Dixon also received an "H" Alex and Ani bracelet, for her first name, HOLLY!
Finally, a gift for Mrs. Meredith!  Tyson had two teacher's this year and I failed to get her anything throughout the year, because I felt like I could get away with just giving her a really nice end-of-the-year gift.
It's not BAD when you have to wait until the end of the year.  Look at everything she received.
A beautiful  beach bag.
The reddish pink water bottle set!
Sweet watermelon extra gum!
A watermelon ice pack.
A Barnes and Noble gift card.
Smores Oreo Coookies.
And finally, sunscreen.
I don't usually say this, but I think these teachers really lucked out this year! Of course, they 100% deserved it. If you liked these gift ideas, then you should check out our "label", on the right hand side of our blog, titled, "Apples For Teachers!" Also, if you LOVE that beach bag, then go get yourself one for $12.95 with ANY purchase at Barnes and Noble.  They have all different patterns too (navy stripes/red anchor, yellow stripes/navy ship wheel, purple stripes/yellow starfish).  $12.95 people......

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