Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Splash Valley Water Park (2015)

Yesterday, I took the kids to Splash Valley Water Park and allowed each of them to invite a friend. Ty brought Jake, Jax brought Cohen, and Lilah brought Vivian.  I joked all day and called myself, "Camp Kristin".  Believe it or not, 6 kids is easier than 3.  NOW... I get the Duggars. Haha. Just kidding, that makes no sense to me. 3 is ENOUGH (but 6 did allow things to go smoother because they each have a friend).
Vivian was really enjoying the sun yesterday.  She was very kind to me.  When my hands were full, she always offered to help carry something AND she even insisted on rubbing sunscreen on my birthmark, so I was protected from skin cancer.
My little midget relaxing by the pool!!! Check out her shades.
The photo below is so sweet and will be perfect for a "blast from the past" photo OR if I can re-inact it when they are 16.
"Mr. Fearless!" enjoying the purple slide.
I never realized how short Lilah was until she stood next to Vivian. Their mouths were stuffed with soft pretzels.  
Due to Cohen's height and because our church director is taking the kids, on an "end of the year" field trip, Wednesday, to the indoor water park, Cohen spent some of his time yesterday, practicing how to swim.  IF you are too short, but can swim the length of the pool, you are allowed to do all indoor slides. "Co" was also very sweet.  IF he didn't thank me 100x for taking him to "The coolest place in the world.", he didn't thank me ONCE.
Waiting in line for the "purple slide".
Lilah and Cohen were only allowed to ride the purple slide.  They were tortured as they watched the rest of the gang ride everything else.  Their height limited them.  I told them, after 3 hours of being there, to give it a shot.  The worst thing the lifeguards can say is, "NO!".  They didn't waste one minute of that suggestion and ran to the top of the slides to see if they could get away with riding.  I could tell Lilah was nervous.  See her picking her fingernails.  
LOOK! They passed!!!
Mr. Smiley!
My skinny mini!
Vivian lands and comes up laughing.
It was seriously a great day! I feel bad I didn't capture Jake or Ty that much! They were doing what BIG BOYS do, so I rarely saw them.  We did pack lunches and ate indoors the recreation center. Jake and Ty were able to enjoy the indoor basketball courts after lunch. My kids burned a ton of calories yesterday.  If you didn't get enough of our day at Splash Valley, feel free to double click on the Picasa Web Album to view them all.  You can also enjoy two quick videos below.  

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  1. Cohen has viewed this post a ton ! He has told me about that green slide, a lot! Thanks for taking him yesterday :) he had the best time!!!


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