Saturday, June 6, 2015

Field Day 2015

Fort Lewis Elementary School had their 2015 Field Day on June 3rd. I didn't volunteer, but I did stop by for 1.5 hours to watch my kiddies have some fun.  The above photo is NOT acted out.  I wish it were my kids acting out their bummed, rainy field day emotions, but instead, it had been a really LONG, over packed week, and they were tired and fit to be tied.  It's real life people.  
FIRST, I watched the wild and crazy fourth graders.
This particular event, as you can see, was the bounce houses.  The school rented two HUGE ones.
Next up, "Noodles of Fun!"  The purpose of this event was as follows: divide the class into two groups.  Each group was placed on the opposite side of a piece of tape, which divided the room up. The parents, in charge, provided pool noodles, cut into pieces.  On the count of three, the students threw the noodles back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  When the timer went off, the students with the MOST amount of noodles on their side is the looser.
As you can see it created a ton of laughter.
Then I visited with the kindergarteners.  
Each group had a set of 5 hoola hoops.  On the count of three, the students had to build a house using the 5  hoola hoops.  
This activity was a "Ping Pong Relay Race".  Each team had 5 ping pong and 5 cups.  Each student held a cup in their hand and as fast as they possibly could would pass all five ping pong balls, one at a time, from one friend to the next friend, via cup. Lilah and Jax's team won two times.  You can see, from the video below, how excited they were.

I had a ton of last minute shopping to do for my kids' "Summer-Buckets-Of-Fun" (which I will eventually share with you), so I only had a short visit with each classroom. Next year, I plan to stay the entire time since it will be Tyson's LAST YEAR, at FLES.  Sniff, sniff.  Enjoy the videos below.    

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