Monday, June 15, 2015

"Celebration Hollywood" ~ Spring Recital 2015

Liley has now been in 6 recitals!  Each recital gets more and more exciting to watch, as Lilah continues to grow in her knowledge of dance, as well as, her appreciation for dance! This year, Lilah added tap to her dance responsibilities. Currently, she loves ballet the most.  She said, "I like ballet the most because you point and because your body doesn't just stand in one position!"  Truly, I believe she would be incredible at hip hop dancing, but Miss Mona's doesn't allow you to start doing hip hop dancing until you are 7 or 8.  (PS. Don't you LOVE Jax's photo above? Sigh.... #photobomber).
I took these photos before the recital! Lilah was struggling with the bright sun, so I also took one inside. Doesn't she look so pretty?
Our dear friends, Taylor and Cami, were backstage helpers! Lilah LOVED having them backstage.
I was able to capture these candid shots, backstage, of the girls all dressed up in their tin-man costumes.
 The girls performed, aka tap danced, to the song "Light Of Love".  
The recital was at the very well-known Jefferson Center.  It's a big deal to perform at this theatre.  There is a "NO flash photography" rule, so what I was able to capture, on camera, was without flash.  The photos didn't come out the way I would have hoped, but I am thankful that the rule isn't "no cameras allowed"!
 I love our little tin-man girl.
 She is so happy when she is dancing!!!!
The next song Lilah and her classmates performed to was "If We Hold On Together".  This time it was a ballet performance.  
Ballet takes a little more concentration and produced a more serious look on Lilah's face.  Haha.
After Lilah's performances, it is customary to give our little dancing queen something special.  
 Daddy picked up some beautiful, red roses for her.
Lilah also received a secret rose, filled with a pair of ruby red earrings.
Lilah is signed up, in the Fall, to try a new extracurricular activity, cheerleading. I still insist on keeping her in dance, unless there is a major conflict. I think she is made for dancing, I really do.  

To view ALL of the photos captured at the recital, including the other dancers, you can double click on the Picasa Web Album below. We made sure to capture three of our favorite dancers at Miss Mona's: Emma Stanley, Parker, and Lexi.  We also captured a few of Lilah's "old" classmates, that she used to dance with, as well as, Emma's little sister, Annie.  Enjoy!
Also, below are two SHORT video clips of Lilah's two performances. The professional video footage will arrive in July and I will be sure to share the entire two dances with you, on our family blog then!

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