Thursday, May 21, 2015

Salem Red Socks SURPRISE Birthday Party!

Allow me to set the stage, for the SURPRISE birthday party, for our double digit, firstborn boy!
On Mother's Day, after church, on Sunday, May 10th, Lilah, Jax, and I left in one car and Darren and Ty left in another.  We NEVER take two cars to church.  I made up a long story that I had to run out and get Darren's mother a Mother's Day gift.  Ty bought it!  On the way to the stadium, I FINALLY told Lilah and Jax that we were NOT actually on our way to go shopping, but rather we were on our way to decorate, at the Salem Red Socks stadium, for a surprise 10th birthday party.  They both squealed with excitement for their brother.  I was thankful for their help!

We decorated from  about 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm.  I decided to decorate using baseball items, the colors red, white, and blue, as well as the American Flag.  Let's face it... baseball is ALL AMERICAN!
A flag from A.C. Moore.
 A birthday banner that has been used since Ty's FIRST birthday party! #traditions
 Baseballs and peanuts!
A few baseball photos/props of the birthday boy!
For each party guests place setting, I used #redplatechargers, #baseballdinnerplates, #Americanflagnapkins, and #whitestyrofoamcups. I drew, onto the cups, baseball laces in red and the guests names in blue.
A personalized name poster. I purchased LARGE, white wooden letters from Michael's Craft store and painted them red.  I purchased a piece of white foam board, from the Dollar Tree, and hot glued the painted letters on the foam board.  Then I painted some baseball laces onto the foam board.  I LOVE the final look.  This poster board now resides in Ty's sports room.  
 My favorite decoration was the #10 balloon!
The "placemat" was faux grass, purchased from Lowes.
The twins and I were able to relax for about 15 minutes and watch the baseball players practice.  We had the entire stadium to ourselves.  It was very cool. 
I spy Lilah and Jax.
 At 2:45 pm, the guests arrived and patiently waited for the birthday boy to arrive.
Did Ty have ANY idea? NONE! As a matter of fact, Darren later shared with me that when he told Ty he had to run an errand, Ty began throwing a fit.  He refused to get his shoes on and begged to stay home alone! Darren demanded he get his shoes on and get in the car.  Ty eventually obeyed.  
Darren arrived, with Ty, at 3:00 pm.  We were hiding behind a white fence.  I spotted Darren and Ty and said, "He's here! Ready!?!?!?! On the count of 3 everyone yell surprise.  1, 2, 3!!!! SURPRISE!!!!"

Ty was extremely appreciative.  He came over to me immediately, hugged and thanked me! I told my girlfriend Jody that it was such a sweet reaction. She agreed. He had a smile from ear to ear!!!

Surprise parties are the BEST!

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