Friday, May 22, 2015

Ty Meets The Salem Red Socks!!!

One of the COOLEST parts of Ty's 10th birthday party was the "interruption" he received by a few of the Salem Red Socks players! The party package included a visit from several of the players, as well as, an autographed ball!
You can tell by Ty's HUGE GARGANTUOUS smile, that he was certainly THRILLED! Ty was able to meet Taylor Grover, pitcher, and Jorge Marban, also pitcher.  It was an honor for Ty to meet them especially since one of the positions Ty is playing this year is pitcher.
The colors and the weather were the PERFECT combo, for such fantastic photos! Below, Ty holds his autograph ball proudly!
 Then, I asked if the party guests could also sneak into the photo!
The players were very kind and stuck around long enough to ask Ty questions, as well as, allow us to "interview" them.  Haha. Such a memorable moment for a memorable day!
Jax has been hanging around his buddy Cohen too much! Why can't the kid just smile like the rest of the crew?

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