Thursday, May 7, 2015

Night Owl Party - Agenda - Part 4

We ended the night with the two most important sleepover party "must-dos": a pillow fight and facials. At first, the pillow fight was just a free for all.  We began by using the pillows that were just laying around.  Some of those pillows were perfect because they were the traditional kind, but the others were inflexible and unhelpful (couch cushions). At one point, Lilah was getting the poop kicked out of her because she had one of the inflexible pillows.  It was the ONLY time during her party that she got upset or cried.  She actually ran upstairs at 12:00 a.m., from getting hit so hard, screaming her head off.  Darren jumped out of bed in a panic saying, "What's wrong, what happened?"  "Oh nothing dad, the pillow fight is just brutal!"  exclaimed Lilah.  We got everything back under control and created teams to help with the little ones.  

This part of the party created THE.MOST.LAUGHTER.  The big girls were ruthless and merciless.  They were like the "mean girls" from the movie.  LOL!  There are QUITE a BIT of pictures.  I posted the ones I couldn't do without, but you can also view every single pillow fight photo by clicking on the picasa web album below.  
Look at these faces.  They mean business.  Lilah needs to work on her mean face a little.  Hehe.

"Here it comes Ansley!" ~Cami
Ansley was a real trooper.  She took it HARD and PROUD.  Her BIG smile below is from already being hit crazy hard.  Those "mean girls" were back at it again.  AND can you believe ONE of them has a pastor for a daddy?  Haha.
"Take That!"
The photo below is when Lilah got hit really hard and ran upstairs.  She was mad as a hornet.  Taylor and Cami seemed to think it was hysterical.  
But Ansley said, "That's the birthday girl! I will seek revenge!"
Look at the "game day face" on Cami! SHEEESH!
The photo below shows how incredibly hard and fast everything was happening.  Look at Lilah's hair!
It was "getting hot in here!" and the girls were on their THIRD wind, so I had to calm things down a bit.  
We used facials as the relaxing technique.  Haha.  I found these adorable beauty masks at Claire's.  I thought about putting them in the girls goodie bags, but I think being able to experience this together was much more fun!
Lilah and Taylor paired up.  The plan was for Lilah to do Taylor's face and then for Taylor to do Lilah's face. They had to wait 10 minutes for it to dry before rinsing off.
Lilah absolutely LOVES to pamper people.  She would have done this all day.
Cami did Ansley's face and Ansley did Cami's face.  Uh-Cami.... the mask is supposed to be enough for the entire face...not just the forehead.  Hahahahah! She was a little excited and got a little too generous with the first squirt.
Ansley thought it was so funny.
Goodness gracious...hehe.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lilah is daintily applying the mask to Taylor's face. 
Things are finally under control!
ONE mud mask complete!
Next up, Cami's turn!
NOW I know where Lilah gets this face and hand sign from.
Taylor was finally able to start on Lilah's face.  Lilah thought it tickled. 
Two mud masks complete.
3 mud masks down and ONE to go!
Birthday girl got pampered!
We prepared our owl nests and I was really hoping these girls would start calming down and GO TO BED!  It didn't look like I was going to have much luck does it? I told those chicks to get into the tent and LIGHTS OUT.  These owl party girls were trying to live out a real owl's life by being nocturnal (sleep all day, up all night!). No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ON the invitation I told them, the FIRST ONE to fall asleep gets their underwear frozen.  I bet your wondering WHOOOO-hoo that was?!?!?! Next post.  LOL!  Hahaha.  Sorry to keep you in suspense.  

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