Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Last One To Fall Asleep.....

Gets their underwear frozen!!!  
TRUE story!!!! It was stated on the invitation and the girls kept asking me, throughout the night, if I was really going to freeze the underwear of the first person to fall asleep?  "YES! OF COURSE I AM!" They had never heard of that or seen it done before, so I think they were mostly asking for reassurance that I was going to fulfill my promises.  

Midnight came and went and the girls were showing NO SIGNS of falling asleep.  Sigh.... I just wanted to go to sleep so bad. Haha. Maybe I should have surrendered my underwear and then demanded they fall asleep.  I attempted to fall asleep on the couch in hopes of being woken up by silence. Hehe, but my dreams and wishes don't always come true. 

Around 12:50 a.m., I heard two set of feet run up the stairs, lay the underwear on the counter, run down the stairs giggling and then silence.  FINALLY!!! I would have bet money it was the birthday girl or Ansley's panties, but guess what?!?!?! They did what ANY SISTER IN CHRIST WOULD DO for one another.... they "considered others more valuable than themselves!" They ALL surrendered their underwear.  I had four pairs of undies to freeze.  HAHA!

When the girls woke up, I was preparing breakfast, but I made certain to have my camera READY to capture their reactions. They all ran up in anticipation to see if I really did freeze their undies.  They all exclaimed, "DID YOU FREEZE our underwear?"
 And laughter!!!!!
To freeze: just soak underwear in water, squeeze out excess water, and place in freezer. They could literally make the sound a rock would make on a counter top with their underwear. Hehe.  
Moral of the story.... I never break a promise!

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