Friday, May 1, 2015

Children Hold Our Hearts FOREVER!

This week, I had the task of putting together a project that would be auctioned off during "Family Fun Night".  It was a silent auction and the directions were to incorporate the kindergarteners, of Miss Dixon's class, into the project. Family, friends, and Fort Lewis Elementary School employees would be able to bid on the item.  The highest winner would receive the artwork. All proceeds go to FLES.

I bought a piece of black poster board and had my BESTIE, Ashely Harris, write this quote:

"We hold our children's hands for a little while... but they hold your hearts forever!"
Thank you Ashely for always allowing me to use your gorgeous handwriting.  

Then, I took a visit to Miss Dixon's class, which is always such a treat.  I brought in 21 baggies of jelly beans and bribed the kids with them.  I said, "If you all do a great job, I will give you each a bag of jelly bellies." Of course, after I said that, the squeals and screams took place.  It doesn't take much to get them excited.  LOL!

Miss Dixon coordinated the proper placement of hands, while I stood high up, on a step stool, to take the photo. First, the kids were covering up the quote.  Ahhhhhh!
 I told them what the plan was, but they didn't seem to care!
Then Miss Dixon and I reminded them that their hands were supposed to be around the quote, not on the quote.
 Much better! But...
 I didn't want their little faces shown!  Just their hands
 One step closer... but still too much of their heads showing and of course it was blurry!
Let's try this ONE MORE TIME!
How beautiful is it?  I LOVE how it turned out!
Yes, it's the same picture, but I edited the coloring, so each photo has a slightly different color option!
Then, I ran around town, like a crazy lady, and bought 10 frames.  I test out the photo in each frame and delivered it to the school for the silent auction.  I wonder what it sold for?

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  1. This turned out amazing! Love love!! Such a cute and sweet idea!


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