Monday, May 25, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The kindergarteners and first graders at Fort Lewis Elementary School were invited to perform in a small musical that they have been practicing for months. The kids took a journey to a magical garden.  The seeds have sprouted, the rain has come, and petals bloom brightly in the sun.  But what's this?!?! The weeds have taken over.  It was a garden hoedown with speaking parts, choreography, and fun costumes.  Each student was assigned to dress up like a particular garden plant, flower, weed, animals, or gardeners. 
Jax was assigned to be a weed.  He had his own speaking part and he did such a fantastic job! Anyone who knows Jax well KNOWS that he is probably the most bashful kid you could ever meet.  My girlfriend Lisa said that she hadn't even heard him speak for the first three or four years she's known him.  Haha.  He turns red talking to me sometimes, so I was so concerned and confused as to why the music teacher gave him a speaking part.
Lilah was assigned to be a flower.  She too had her very own speaking part, but that fits her personality well, although I was concerned, after her stage fright, at the talent show, that she might not do well! Boy was I wrong.  She spoke clearly and performed with a beautiful smile, head held high!
Both my seat and the lighting were really challenging me.  I really wasn't able to capture great shots of this musical, but at least I was able to capture it.
When I arrived to the school, I realized I put little to no time into preparing their outfits.  Some parents really went ALL out. Whoops! Had I known parents were going to go all out, you know I would have done the same.
Check out those cuties singing!
I loved it when the weeds sang.  Their lines, in one particular song, was so catchy and comical, "We're the weeds. We're cool! We're the weeds.  We rule!" Imagine it as a rap song.  Please be sure to hear that adorable line in video #3 below.
Check out this little guys plant head! LOL!
A cute, little farmer.
From left to right: Rose (carrot),  Alyiah (flower), Lilah (flower), and Rebecca (carrot)
Makiyah's mommy did an awesome job turning her into a flower.
Marleigh was an adorable bunny!
Tail and all!
Lilah's line: "But something has happened to the gardener. He seems to have forgotten our needs. But all of the sudden and quite uninvited, we're being run over by weeds!"
Jax's line, "We don't need an invitation, back of Jack, no cultivation!"

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