Monday, May 25, 2015

Jody Turns The BIG 30!!!!

She's finally no longer in her 20s.
One of my favorite people is my dear friend Jody! It's hard to believe I have a friend who is almost a decade younger than me. I was so thankful to be able to ring in this new decade of life with her, on a double date, with our husbands!

I didn't have time to go shopping for our hot date out, but I did have a dress, NWT (new with tags), hanging in my closet, which I bought at Myrtle Beach a few weeks back.  Yay!!!!!  I was excited to be able to be an adult and have some grow-up fun!
She hardly looks 17, but it's true, she's NOW 30.  Jody is a GIANT kid.  
Not sure what's going on in this photo.  I feel like I am the only NORMAL one.  Looks like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit! Jody gets a little fresh now that she's an old lady!
I felt like we had the paparazzi on us.  The photographer babysitter, Julia Wells, was just snapping away.  
Finally, a real photo of the four of us!!!
She might be 30, but THEY are just like (2) 15 year olds having fun! 
Jody even got fresh with me - bumping bottoms -well, ONE of us has a bottom, the other has amazing legs.
The guys were jealous, so they asked for their own goofy shots!
These two were all across the board with their poses! Haha! #makingmemories on #jodysbig30
This photo has been BOMBED! Thanks a lot D!
Much better!
Brett and I coordinated plans for the birthday girl.  We truly almost chose Chuck E. Cheese or KABUKI because Jody is a BIG kid.  Brett decided on Billy's, downtown Roanoke.  I reserved a table for 4 and went to the restaurant a few days before to drop off some "30" birthday decorations.  
Dinner was "yum-o", as my girl Erin Carrol would say :)!! Jody received a free piece of SCRUMPTIOUS cheesecake, her fav!
After dinner, the photos didn't stop.  Lol! Just being goofy.  And this is US with ZERO alcohol. YES! You can have fun without adult beverages people.
Just a bunch of "love" birds!
Walking around, downtown, anywhere, any city, always provides some strange encounters and humor.  We came across a highly intoxicated or drugged up man, walking a GOAT.  He conned Brett into buying a "postcard" of his goat for $1.00. 
The night was relaxing, fun, and just awesome.  Our only regrets were that we sat at dinner so long we missed the opportunity to get ice cream and go putt-putt... those two items were definite "must-dos", but that's what happens when you go to dinner with people you love ONCE ever four years.  
Jody, I love you girl! And my life has been so much brighter with you in it! Happy 30th! It looks great on you!

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