Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday To Ty!!! (Cupcakes and Gifts)

All of Ty's party guests were invited to stand on top of the dugout and face out to the stadium guests.  At the top of the 7th inning, the entire stadium sang Happy Birthday to Ty.  
Ty is not one to necessarily LOVE to be the center of attention, but despite the red face, I could tell this made him feel special.
I think his party guests even felt special being able to be on top of the dug out!
Lilah was missing. She was too shy to stand with everyone.
In the video below, you get to hear/see Ty being serenaded.  

After 500+ guests sang to him, we finished up the game and went back to the party area to enjoy some cupcakes.
I allowed Chelsey and Hannah to provide me with the store bought cupcakes.  They arrived with cupcakes from Kroger, that had flowers on them.  What?!?!?!  This is a BOY's baseball party.  It's a good thing I came prepared with baseball cupcake liners, baseball Wilton candy toppers, and Fourth of July picks!
I also brought a really festive cupcake stand which I found at Tuesday Morning!
In no time, I had those boring, floral cupcakes from Kroger looking very boyish and fit for the occasion.
We all sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!!! 
I think this is the most I have ever seen Ty smile and laugh in one setting! 
Blowing out candles!
Time to open gifts!
Wouldn't you know... his friends know him well.  Out of 6 friends aka 6 gifts, Ty received 5 iTunes gift cards!!! Hahahahaha! The other gift was cash.  He was thrilled.
The kids licked some icing and ran off to the wiffle ball field again.  I was busy cleaning up the party area, so I didn't capture anymore wiffle ball photos.  It was probably a good thing.  This time, the entire party was playing against a bunch of Salem athletes (kids).  They wound up getting into an argument with our party guests and one of the kids from the other team threw a ball directly into one of our guest's eyes.  Another parent was standing close and was very upset at how poorly the Salem boys were treating our party! I quickly stepped onto the field and took care of it.  Later, the boy came up to me, personally, and apologized.  Major brownies points were gained there.  I think he was terrified of me possibly telling his daddy! Wiffle ball didn't end there however! These boys couldn't be dragged off that field. #wiffleball was #thebestpartoftheparty

Stay tuned for two final posts on this speculator party!

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