Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Game & Party Over!

One of the promises, from Ty's "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" invite, was that the guests would get to "round the bases". On Sundays, the Salem Red Socks stadium allows the entire stadium of guests to run the bases after the game is over.
I, personally, am not sure why, from their expressions AND from the guests expressed anticipation of this event, was SO fun/funny, but from the photos you will see how much this was enjoyed! It's no secret, MOST KIDS, especially my own, love a great game of chase.  In our house, the biggest laughter that has ever ensued is when our entire family plays a game of chase around our house. Darren is the one who laughs the MOST and the hardest.

A group, from our party, got in line before the birthday boy and several of the other party guests.  Jaxey was one of the first, from our party, to run the bases.
Jax continues to surprise me because NORMALLY he is so bashful he would NEVER agree to do this.
Instead, his twin sister was the one to REFRAIN! "I'm too embarrassed!" She exclaimed.
The photo above is ENOUGH proof that kids of ALL ages are truly competitive.  You can hear Jax laughter through this post, no?  And check out the little boys hand slightly behind Jax, as well as, the boy in the orange.  Haha.
Then the next set of party guests ran the bases.
Ansley is leading the way! Go Ansley, go!
Each kid was instructed to touch each base and to stay off of the grass!
Ty is quickly approaching Ansley.  I don't think he wanted a girl to beat him!
MAN, his smile is SO contagious when he smiles.  Again, this party created unending smiles and laughter for Ty.
Uh-oh! Ty catches up and takes the lead.  He almost bit the dust at 3rd base.
I cannot help but think this was a really incredible day for NOT just the birthday boy, but also for every single one of his party guests/friends!

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