Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tyson Willis Bolling (Spring 2015)

Tyson Willis Bolling
Age: 10
Grade: Fourth Grade
Nickname: Ty
Best Friends At School: Alex, Jay, or Jake
Tyson is definitely my most well-rounded child.  He is smart, athletic, outgoing, handsome, and well loved by his peers and teachers.  He sincerely has it going on! LOL!  He is the type of kid you could carry on an adult conversation with. He's just so bright and has a love for learning and it shows.  
Ty is currently on a baseball team.  His first game is this Saturday.  He has been told that he will be playing three positions: pitcher, catcher, and short stop!  I am always the MOST proud of him when I see him on a court or a field.  I can't really explain why, but I think it's because I know he knows the game both physically and intellectually and watching him put it all together is so fascinating to me.  
Ty has done amazing in school this year.  Fourth grade has been really intense.  LOADS of quizzes and tests, not to mention the SOLs coming up soon! He has proven to be able to take care of his own work load. I have withdrawn from hovering over him and allowed him to do what needs to get done.  To date, he has gotten straight A's on each report card, in fourth grade. His teachers have NOTHING but wonderful things to say about him.  It blesses me to hear how helpful, kind, and attentive he is at Fort Lewis Elementary! He is also the Vice Presidnet of his elementary school.  I just couldn't be more proud.
Some of Tyson's favorite things to do are: shoot hoops, jump on the trampoline, play playstation, read autobiographies, and play with his pup, Sadie.  His friends are really important to him and I don't think a day passes where the door bell doesn't ring for him!
Tyson and I's relationship has improved dramatically.  He still tests my patience BIG time, but we are BOTH working on self-control. He is a definite mini me! His biggest downfall is fretting his twin siblings or talking back. When he talks back to Darren or I, I feel like all his smarts go right out the window.  He knows how to push EVERYONE's buttons.  He's also very hard headed and stubborn.  Hmmmm, sounds like someone else I know... ME!
Tyson is still madly in love with Cami Shaffer. He blushes and grins, from ear to ear, at the mere mention of her name.  His best friends outside of school are definitely Gabe Shaffer or Joshua Prillaman.  
One special thing about being 10 (almost) is that he has some nice quality time with mom and dad after the twins go to sleep, at night. He comes in our room and either watches tv with us or reads while we read. The hard part about this is that he thinks he's a grown up and occasionally will chime in on Darren and I's conversations.  We make sure to tell him when he's out of line.
I am amazed at his knowledge of theology and Jesus.  During our morning devotionals, he can answer every question we ask and he either elaborates or he asks very intense or inquisitive questions back.  It is our prayer that he turns his life over to Jesus soon!
Ty, despite our intense relationship, some most days, haha, you really do make me one happy mommy at the end of the day. It means the world to me that you are well received, looked up to, and enjoyed by all who know you! You will always be my first born and that stores up a special place in my heart for you. I think about the amount of years I have left with you and I pray that the best are yet to come!

PS.  Your tooth has FINALLY grown in.  It only took 2 years.  No lie.  Haha.

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