Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lilah Ann Bolling

Lilah Ann Bolling
Age: 6
Grade: Kindergarten
Nickname: Liley Bo, Liley, Bow-shkeez
Favorite Friend At School: Evelyn
Oh Lord Jesus.. I could write a book about this girl! Lilah is for sure the Bolling child that has the most spunk! She is forever making my jaw drop.  I absolutely love having a daughter.  I love everything about it.  She's so fun to spend time with.  I love her passion for being girly.  I am not sure what I would do if I had a tom boy for a daughter.  She is definitely beautiful, but I continue to remind her that beauty is only possible if it's on the inside first!
Lilah is on her 3rd year of dance.  This year she added tap dancing.  She desperately wants to be a pop dancer, but Miss Mona's does NOT offer it to children as young as she! I hope to sign her up for cheerleading in the fall. While she has expressed an interest in softball, I prefer she stick with the more girly "sports". 
Lilah has also done incredible this year at school.  Ms. Dixon has continually mentioned how kind and loving Lilah is, especially to those peers who are having a difficult time making friends.  The principal commented the other day how lovely, smart, and kind Lilah was, after observing her, during a class observation the other day! I believe she is a definite ring leader. I hope the good kind. She is constantly writing me notes and when she's not at school, she is usually playing school! Haha. 
Some of Lilah's favorite things to do are: dance, sing, apply make up, play hair dresser, jump on the trampoline, watch tv/movies/videos, and play school. She is constantly begging for playdates or sleepovers.  Sigh... we have them from time to time, but just not as often as she would like to if she had it her way.
Lilah is quite the sassy girl.  She definitely could improve on the way she answers to her family members at times.  Be it a sibling or her mommy/daddy, she appears to be 6 going on 16.  Sometimes, Darren and I have to go in another room, laugh it out, and them come back to discipline her.  She really does scare us sometimes. If we had to choose one child who would be a hoarder or lazy, it's Lilah.  LOL!  We will pray that the Lord changes this aspect about her.  This is also one reason that I would NOT sign her up for a sport.  I just could NOT see our little diva running bases.  She isn't a girl who likes to sweat. My biggest challenge with her is in the mornings or ANYTIME I have to do her hair.  
Outside of school, hands down, her best friends are Ansley, Salene, and Saleece. She loves them all dearly. She would also say Cami and Taylor are her best friends. LOL!  I laugh because they are 12 years old. She's really interested in the older girls. I think she has sister envy!
I love those moments when I can have some one on one time with her.  We had that opportunity last night, while both boys were at baseball. We went on a long walk, with Sadie, and we shared some of our day together.  I taught her about the "great commission" and then we took a bath together. I pray that we are always close and that she will never be afraid to tell me anything.
If I had to take a guess at what she will be when she grows up, based on who she is today, she will be either a MOM, a professional dancer/performer, or a school teacher!
Lilah, our home would NOT be the same without you.  While you definitely keep us on our toes, but I promise to make sure I am always one step ahead of you.  One of my favorite things about you is when I am a little off kilter, you see to know it.  Typically you say, "Mommy! I am so sorry you are having such a bad day!" Thank you for your endless mercy towards me. You make being a mommy so much fun! I would not be half the woman I am today if I didn't have you! I love you.

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  1. I think you are right on with what she will be when she gets older! Love sweet lilahy :)


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