Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jaxon Reid Bolling (Spring 2015)

Jaxon Reid Bolling
Age: 6
Grade: Kindergarten
Nickname: Jax
Favorite Friend At School: Evan
Jax is by far the sweetest child we have! I love how extremely loving he is, especially on a whim. He has a gentle spirit and a heart to serve. He still would prefer to help me cook over sitting in front of the television.  His voice is adorable. He has a slight New York accent, but the type that is fun to listen to, not the obnoxious kind.  His smile is contagious. Oh how I just love his dimples. I believe he most resembles me aka the Crisafi genes.  
Jax just recently started baseball for the GYB. I am excited to see how good of an athlete he really is, up against his peers. He's had a great role model in his big brother, Ty.  Darren has also worked with him a ton!
He has done really well at school this year.  He is excellent in math (at one point his teacher said he's borderline gifted, but I am not sure if that has changed or not).  It's almost like he has a photographic memory.  
Some of his favorite things to do are: jump on the trampoline, play playstation, color, and hang all over Sadie! He constantly shares his love for the NFL team, the Jets, through his classwork! Sometimes he tries to make others laugh by doing something that's not funny.  LOL! He's a big goofball. If no one laughs, he just laughs at himself.  At least someone gets his jokes, even if it's just him.  Hehe.
Jax desperately needs to improve on controlling his emotions.  He expresses himself through tears and it can be rather annoying.  LOL!  He cries about almost everything and we just recently had to explain to him the story of "The boy who cried wolf!" He has picked up a few of Tyson's bad traits, but I assume that is to be expected. You learn what you live!  He gives me the most trouble in the mornings, when he wakes up, because he wants to wear "comfy" clothes and I want him to wear polo shirts and cute shorts/jeans.  We have recently made an agreement, after a long walk together, at the beach, to alternate days!! Now, he gets to dress himself three days a week and I get to dress him two days a week! I guess that's fair!
Jax is painfully shy/bashful! He prefers his room to be neat and clean.  If I don't make his bed quick enough he says, "Mom, my room is messy, can you make my bed?" This will make an excellent husband in my opinion.  I could never live with a slob. If I had to guess which one of my children would be saved first, it would be Jax. Praying the Lord will rescue his dead heart and he will submit to Jesus soon!
I think it's safe to say he will always claim Cohen as his best friend, outside of school!!!
His favorite places to visit are Myrtle Beach and the Great Wolf Lodge! His favorite colors are green and black (the Jets colors). One funny thing about Jax is that no matter what time of the night you walk into his room, his pillow is always on the floor. Darren and I always wonder how he gets good sleep without a pillow!
Jax, on my worst day, you have that perfect wisdom on how to make everything so much better.  You usually come up to me and say, "Hey Mom? I wub you!" Honey, I wub you too! You make all the difficulties and challenges of motherhood so worth it. You are the type of kid that causes every man and woman to want children.  You bring so much joy to my life!

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  1. We love you jax! So glad you are loving kindergarten and doing so well :) you and co can do math together, that's his favorite too! We hope we can come watch you play baseball soon! ps ms Ashely sleeps without pillows too! :)


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