Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Night Owl Party: Dinner & Buffet Table!

Whoo's HUNGRY?  
Preparing a table for a party of four is SIMPLE, fun, and so much more affordable than a party of 12. I was very pleased with the end results of both the dinner and buffet tables. I decided to assign a color to each guest.  This would be the color they claimed for the rest of the time they were at our home. Assigning each guest a color eliminated any chance of  drinking off of each other or what-have-you!  Lilah had the color blue (her favorite).  
Ansley had pink!
Taylor had green!
Cami had purple.
Each place setting had a white, flower shaped charger, a colorful polka dot plate, a white mini vase with coordinating daisies, a glass soda jar, a mason jar drinking mug, an owl, a striped napkin, and a cute, little owl's nest with jelly bellies in it (accompanied by some coordinating feathers and an owl clothesline clip).  90% of these items came from Michael's, but I also purchased a few from A.C. Moore and The Dollar General.  
The owls were clips purchased at Michael's Craft Store.  The clips came in orange, blue, and pink.  I only used the pink and blue owls.  The nests game from A.C. Moore.  The jelly bellies came from Sam's Club.  I thought this was the perfect finishing touch to each girl's place setting.
Each party guest also received a flower lollipop that matched their assigned party color! I found these cuties at Michael's Craft Store for .25 cents each.
From this angle (below) it doesn't look like much, but I was in love with the look up close and personal!
To add a little more to the party's room, I decided to cover my dining room's mirror with some adorable owl fabric.  I purchased this fabric at JoAnn's Fabric store.  Using a 40% off coupon, the entire "cut" of fabric only cost $4.50.  
I already had the pre-lit tree, from Kirklands.  It resides in my dining room 24-7.  I stuck some cute owl stickers on the branches.
The owl below was SO stinking colorful and truly made my food/dessert buffet table POP! I found him at Tuesday Morning! I stuck a flashing "Happy Birthday" sign behind his eyes.  The pick was purchased at Five Below. OH... and I must tell you that 3/4 owls, which sat at each of the girl's seats, were Julia Wells (a friend from church). She and I both share a love for owls, so I would like to give a special shout out to her for allowing me to borrow them!!!
 Right before the party started, I attached some neon colored, helium balloons to each girl's chair!
 Since the girls were NOT going to be eating until almost 9:00 pm, I included some tea light candles!
A special thank you to my hubby for lighting the candles, at the perfect time! The girls arrived home from the nail salon to see the candle lit dining room.
 One of the first things Taylor and Cami asked me, when arriving to the dinner table was, "Do we get to keep these tumbler cups?" It was certainly my plan to allow them to take their drinking cups home as part of their party favors!! They were so thrilled!!! 
I hope HOO enjoyed the look of the Night Owl Dinner and Buffet tables!

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