Monday, April 20, 2015


RideMakerz is a place we've visited and walked past literally 100 times, but we've NEVER gone through with the experience. If you've ever been to Build-A-Bear, then envision RideMakerz to be just like that, but with cars. You get to choose and customize your own vehicle.  Then cruise away! Grandad and Grandnae gave the kids $70 each for Easter and this is what they chose to spend their money on.  Darren and I paid the remaining balance. YES! These cars were about $100 each. Ouch! Probably the FIRST and LAST experience at RideMakerz.  
Each person that pays for this experience begins by selecting their preference car.  
There were definitely a lot of cool choices.  It was tough deciding.  
Ty chose the Marvel Spiderman base.  
Jax chose the Dodge Challenger.  
Lilah chose the Hot Pink RZ Rascal.
Before beginning customization, you stop to discuss whether or not you plan to purchase a remote control. IF you do plan to purchase a remote control, the manager speaks with you about battery costs or rechargeable batteries. The remote control is an additional $25 per car.  The rechargeable batteries are another $28. A major sting took place at that counter top. LOL! What's a cool car without a remote and rechargeable batteries? Yes, we got BOTH for each kid.
We were placed with a great employee named Janson.  He helped the kids customize and build their cars.  First up, choosing rims!
Again, lots of choices.  The kids didn't take too long in this section.
Lilah and Ty chose green rims. Jax chose a rusty orange color.
They were also able to choose their tire size. All of this comes with the cost of your car.
Next up, it's time to "BUILD" your car!
Building the car was the best part! The kids got to snap their rims into place.  Then, they popped their tires onto their vehicles. After doing those steps, they were permitted to use a drill to secure the tires onto the car. The entire building process was timed.  It was like a race!
Lilah was fully entertained by Janson.  He was a HOOT! He never stopped talking and was such a comedian. 

The boys were super excited to get this show on the road so they could race their cars.
I am glad they all chose to use their Easter money on the same thing.  It made the experience much more fun since everyone was doing it together. 
 On your marks! Get set! GO!!!!!!!!!!!
After you build your car, there is a wall where you can customize your cars.  The customization wall includes grilles, mufflers, spoilers, stickers, sirens, and more.... The kids had far exceeded their budget, so anything extra, in this section of the store had to be purchased with their own money.
Check out the end results!!!  
Now it was time to race! They have a small area in the store, with bumper pads, set up for kids to race, so that untrained drivers :) don't injure other shoppers.  These cars are able to go up to 12 miles per hour, so clearly if an inexperienced driver drove into a pedestrian it would hurt.
I am really grateful to Grandad and Grandnae for the Easter cash they gave the kids.  Without their help, we would have never agreed to spending this kind of money on remote control cars. 
Our kids immediately wanted to race their cars, but Broadway At The Beach was NOT the place to do it, so we went home and they raced on the tennis courts!!!!  I'm stunned my little Diva desired to spend her Easter cash at this store, but as girly as she is, she sure does like what the boys like too!!! She's a girl that has brothers.  Ain't nothing wrong with that!!


  1. I've always wanted the in store experience! Ridemakerz actually ended up sending us some cars to build and we LOVE them!!!

    1. Why did the send you cars? Did you buy them? Or were you doing a survey? Cool!!!!

    2. I actually blogged about how bummed we were that the downtown disney location was closed for renovations as we had wanted to let kye build a car as part of his 5th birthday gift. They saw the post and contacted me! We got to pick out 3 cars and accessories and they shipped them to us. It was really neat but I still would love to have the in-store experience!


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