Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Party - Part 3 - Snack Time!!!

I am so thankful for the kindergartner's parents this year.  They have been very patient, willing, and accepting of the way I have been designing these parties.  The planning requires the parents to go a little more above and beyond just buying juice boxes and a bag of chips.  Only those parents who feel like being creative in the kitchen volunteer and the other parents have been very generous with donating either cash (for games/crafts) or their time.  ALL of it is greatly appreciated.  For each party we have had this year, I have tried desperately to keep the food fairly healthy and fun, as well as well balanced.  

We always have a fruit, a veggie, a salty/crunchy (carb), a sweet, and a drink! Here's what the kids were able to enjoy!
Dairy - Hand drawn, bunny string cheese. 
Way to go Mrs. Vivian De Los Santos. So precious.
 Fruit "Cocktail" - From Ms. Katie Weeks.
Crunchy/Salty - Gold Fish and Cheese Balls in frosting bags.  They look like carrots. :) Cute work Ms. Heather Wells.
 Vegetable - EVERY BUNNY loves carrots with ranch! Right?!?! Thank you Ms. Amy Troiler.  
 Rabbit punch! Ms. Jenna Magruder turned her juice boxes into adorable bunnies.
 She even added a cotton tail!
The Sweet - I signed up to bring a sweet.  I made orange chocolate covered strawberries, to represent carrots.  I also made chocolate pudding and inserted it into miniature flower pots and sprinkled oreo crumbs on top (to look like dirt).  One child saw it and was petrified that I was making him eat dirt, so he said, "I don't want any thanks! I'm allergic."  LOL! Hysterical.
I will be doing a separate blog post on these adorable carrot patch pudding cups! Be on the look out!
I think this party was the most colorful, festive, and FUN to eat, to date!
One last post, of this Spring party, to go! I hope you have enjoyed it so far!!!

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