Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Party - Part 2 - Egg Hunt

While the kids worked on coloring their egg glasses, Mrs. Katie Weeks and I hid ALL of the eggs that the kids brought in.  The kindergarteners were instructed to fill and bring in 6 eggs.  So, you do the math, haha, Katie and I hide over 120 plastic filled eggs.  The students made "baskets" bags to help store their eggs while hunting.  And off they went....
So much EGG-citement.
Given the cold weather we've had lately, in Spring, I'm so glad the weather was so perfect.
Wow! He's an EGG-spert at finding eggs.  
 Uh-oh! I wonder which kid got that egg?!?!
 This is one of my favorite photos from the Spring Party! LOL!  I just wish it wasn't blurry!
 Because every girl should wear stilettos while hunting for eggs. Ahahahah! That's my little princess.
The chase is fun, but opening up the eggs (afterwards) to see what's inside is "funner".  
 They had an EGG-cellent time!!!

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