Sunday, April 12, 2015

Night Owl, Pre-Party Gift!

The day before Lilah's big "night owl" sleepover party, we hand delivered a "pre-party" gift to the birthday guests. Being the party was an over night, slumber party, I wanted the girls to have matching pjs.  I thought it would make for some very cute photo opportunities. I found many different styles and themed pjs that matched the party's decor perfectly (owls, multi-colored cheetah, etc), but I decided to go with the Ice Cream Sleep Romper, from Children's Place.
After deciding on the perfect pajamas, my next step was to decide how I would present this gift.  I decided to enclose a short, but sweet letter reminding the girls what to pack in their over night bags.  I was certain to include some owl lingo. Hoo Hoo!
Then, I boxed up the pjs and the letter with some pretty tissue paper.
I was super excited when I found this multi-colored, cheetah, wrapping paper, at Target. It totally goes with the night owl invitation I created.  
Finally, I added some beautiful blingy, silver bows, as well as, an oversized owl sticker.
And then I drove each box of "jammies" to each girl's home or parents' work.
Even though Lilah was the birthday girl, she was still a part of the party and was DEFINITELY going to be receiving a pair of ice cream pajamas too, so I thought it would be special to "hand deliver" her pjs as well.  Her note wasn't from Lilah - duh - it was from Mommy.
Hand delivered to our home's front door.  
I rang the doorbell and Lilah did what she always does when she hears a doorbell...ANSWERS it.
I mean, can her reactions be any better? MOUTH DROPPED OPEN!
Lilah came inside and opened her pre-party gift.
It was really sweet to hear from the girls, after they opened their pjs.  I heard from each of them in different ways.  They all got a chuckle out of the part of the letter that read, "The first one to fall asleep, gets their underwear frozen."

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