Friday, April 10, 2015

Kindergarten SPRING Party! (Part 1- The Craft)

The Spring party S-N-U-C-K up on ALL of us: parents, classroom mom, and teacher! The inconsistent school schedule, due to all of the snow days and now the extended school day, has everyone's minds a little preoccupied and discombobulated. Despite our limited planning time, we STILL managed to pull off an adorable party! The Kindergarteners had an already scheduled "egg hunt" during the Spring party! I knew the kids would be ramped up, with anticipation, for that, so I thought having a simple coloring craft would be best.  Although simple, it created a very funny outcome.  The coloring craft came from Michael's Craft Store.  It was a "color your own pair of egg glasses".
 Days before, I had Jax try on the "BEFORE" glasses.
And the morning of the Spring Party, I let Sadie try on the "AFTER" glasses.  I colored a pair of egg glasses, before arriving to the school, to show the class what the finished product looks like.  
When I arrived to the school, we started the party off with this craft, because the kids had just returned from their very early (10:45 a.m.) lunch. I put my paper glasses on and the entire class laughed out loud.  They are so easily entertained and amused! I explained the directions and they got busy creating their own goofy egg glasses.  Ms. Dixon instructed, "I don't want to see any white on your glasses!", after one student just scribbled their glasses to be done. Good move Ms. D! I tried hard to capture all 21 students, but I am not sure I was successful at it.  I'm so sorry parents (if you are reading). Of course, two students are NOT allowed to be photographed, but I still think I failed.
We talked about ideas for coloring these glasses.  Some chose to color their glasses the in Roy G. Biv order and others their favorite sports team, etc...
Somehow, I was short, TWO pair of glasses.  I am NOT sure how that happened.  The package said 12 per pack and I was really relying on the company standing true to that.  I thought it was safe if I colored ONE, leaving 23 pair.  There are 21 students in Ms. Dixon's class, but again, I was still 2 short two pair of glasses.  Lilah took my pre-colored glasses and that left one student without.  Jax was already too rough with his, so they broke. Ms. Dixon was in the process of taping them, so he chose to wear his egg bag for the photo.  LOL! Next time, I will count before I decide to color one.
I guess they could also be cool superhero glasses or class nerd glasses.  LOL!
 I cannot believe how such an easy, peasy coloring craft could create so much enthusiasm.  So sweet!

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