Saturday, April 18, 2015

Resurrection Day! (2015)

On Easter Sunday, our family attended our church service and celebrated our Savior's resurrection from the dead.  We are thankful that Jesus surrendered His life, to save ours.  We are thankful that God accepted Jesus' punishment and death, as a substitution for our sins.  We are amazed and thankful that Jesus rose from the grave and has ascended into Heaven.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father. What King do you know that would humble Himself to death, especially death on a cross, for wicked/vile people?I only know ONE! His name is JESUS!!! I am thankful to know Him.  

I always make sure we capture a few photos of our coordinating Easter outfits. We actually coordinate 50/52 Sundays out of the year, so this isn't out of the ordinary. We don't make a huge deal over dressing up for church, just because it's Easter Sunday.  We do it every Sunday. Regardless, I do LOVE the way our attire came together (at the last minute). The rest of our Easter Day will be shared in a separate post.  From youngest to oldest:  
Daren and I
I am SO sorry for the abundance of photos. The day was beautiful, the grass was green, the kids were actually cooperating during the photo session, and I could only eliminate a handful of photos. There were just too many good ones.  If you love us, then you'll enjoy them all. If you view our blog just to be nosy, then you have a nice selection of photos to print and throw darts at.  #hatersgonnahate #rejoicewithothers #loveoneanother 

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  1. Beautiful family! PS I especially love the one of the kids with Sadie :)


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